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    Hello everyone,i am a spiritual seeker and i meditate 2 hours daily from past 3 weeks and now there is some tickling sensation in my palms and forehead, so anyone here experienced in meditation and relate to my issue please tell me the reason as i am unable to understand the reason behind it.
    Thank you


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    I can get tingaling in my plans when performing a healing.

    When my guides and other people come in I can feel it flow out of my hands.

    This is usually an energy 🙂 just like you can feel static on your hand while on a trampoline and when you go to get of you know the zap in the finger is coming 🙂

    Its all energy


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    Interesting question. I have heard of Buddhist practitioners also report being able to sense energy between their hands. But I cannot think of a particular sutra or non contemporary source that talks about it specially.

    This thread is really old. But I would be interested in hearing if others know more about this.

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