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    This exercise may not necessarily work for you, but it always works wonders for me, and is very simple. Over the years I have always had cassette tapes, CDs, and now mp3s for my iPod of the sounds of the ocean waves as they roll into shore and back out to sea.

    I live in a landlocked area, but on vacations have discovered the true majesty of the ocean at nighttime. So, I pop in my headphones and begin listening to the sounds of the gentle waves. I close my eyes and visualize myself sitting on the shore at night, thousands of stars above me in a clear sky, the waves rolling back and forth in front of me, lulling me into an almost hypnotized state. This allows me to clear my head, to put away all the thoughts of the day, of my daily life, for a time being. With a clear head, closed eyes, and the waves rolling in the background, I am able to meditate–to focus on the lull of the waves and do my best to maintain a clear head. Should a thought make its way in, I simply acknowledge that it is there, let it be, and then let it go. Sometimes I imagine sending it out to sea, other times I visualize sending it out the top of my head and into the ether.

    Whether you have just a few minutes or a much longer time, this simple exercise is sure to relax you, rejuvenate you, and bring you back to your daily life with a clear head and an energy to power through. I believe that communing with the oceans is like communing with the divine. While I can’t be at the seaside, I can at least simulate it, and that’s been good enough for me.

    Check out iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, or your music/sound dispenser of choice for a track or tracks of the sounds of ocean waves. It may be just what you need to stay sane, commune with a higher power, or simply relax.

    -Reverend Renee-


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    Great article rennee. Important to clear the mind of chatter and thoughts from the day prior to sleep.


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    Thanks i am going to try this. I have a hard time trying to focus so this is really helpful

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