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    Why do i keep dreaming dead people… i talk to them… And im aware in the dream that they’re dead .. both my parents who died in an accident (2017) ,my grandmother close to me(2016), and even dead relatives…. i have a record that logs whenever i dream about them because they come almost every single month… the date, the day, the year, the clothes they’re wearing, what they say.. what they do…i am not scared though………….in fact im very very happy whenever i see and talk to my father in the dream….sometimes i even look forward to it….

    Sometime, when one of my dead relative died being so upset with her daughter, she appeared three times in my dream crying. i am aware she is dead. i asked her if im the only one seeing her or everybody else too …. she didnt respond she is just crying (obviously no one else sees her as no one is minding her crying)… i told her if she has something to tell to her daughters or anybody else, she can just tell me….she never replied…she just cried…

    Whenever i wake up, everything is still clear to me….everything..so i make sure even as time passes by, i don’t forget every detail in my dream, i record everything…


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    Perhaps youve awakened some of your empathic abilities. Maybe you havent thought of these people in a while. I would look into harnessing my abilities further, maybe you can learn dream walking based off these experiences.

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