Does my ex mean me harm?

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    I read a spooky, ambiguous messege on craigslist and I knew what it meant right away,it said “IDGAF FU.” Then the second one read, “IDGAF, Ticktock… Haha… IWKY.” It spooked me because whoever wrote those definately meant harm to somebody. I recently sent my ex a messege just letting him know that I was doing well and he never replied to me directly. I don’t know what he thinks of me anymore and I don’t even know if he got my messege or not. Or if the vailed CL messege was even from him or not. It spooked me to my core. And does he know that I moved back home? Does he know of my location? What does he intend? How serious is it? Is he just trying to scare me away? Was that even him? I ask because the second messege was written after I replied to said person on CL asking who the messege was directed to and from. The “IDGAF…FU” one. Thanks for your reply. -A

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