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    I don’t no what to do my husbond has left me with my children and I have moved out of the martial home with my children. He said that we could work things out in the future but every time I tell him how i feel he shuts down. I don’t know wether he has someone else I don’t no if he still lobes me I’m so scared that I will lose him forever help please thank you x


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    Ok..first of all… you are a beautiful person inside and out and you are a wonderful mother… so stop and give yourself credit for that….
    Know this… by pushing him… you will end up pushing him away.. instead… you need to show him what hes missing while you’re away…
    You get your life together… do the things you need to do for you and your children and pamper yourself.. make yourself look like a million dollars….and take your focus off him…
    You should have NEVER left your house with your kids.. he should have had to leave not you..
    I think hes going through some crisis inside himself and hes acting out by taking a break from you…
    What you need to do is take care of yourself and let him see you’re fine without him… even if you are actually falling apart inside Dont let him see that
    .. let him see that you are good and let him see what hes missing out on… and dont give into anything he tries.. play hard to get… and NOT DESPERATE.
    You are worthy of unconditional love and you dont NEED TP EVER BEG ANYONE TO LOVE YOU OR BE WITH YOU. Things will turn around.. you will see. ?

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