Does he still love me even when we're apart as if holding back feelings

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    I fell in love with a married man, Joey Cabello Relevo. We had a relationship last December but ended abruptly. He said he wanted to focus on his wife and children and I encourage that and support it. We work together in the same company. We see each other 5 times a week. What’s painful was,I got confused if he did love me and or still loves me or did he just took advantage of me for sex and or money.Sometimes I’d feel that he still loves me but sometimes I’d feel that he is leaving me out of the equation and I don’t know if he is choosing to be better a friend to a former one Kathy Victorino or are they back together or with a certain Michelle Gonzaga. How does he really see or feel about me. It’s hurting me so much. I’d rather that he tells me directly but he wouldn’t. Would we at least become closest of friends if he had been sincere with me? Or does he still seeking other girls for affair? Hopefully, somebody could give me clarifications on what’s been bothering me so much. Really appreciate your attention on my concern. Thank you.

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