does he feel the same? should i go for it?

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    I really like a guy in my NA group, we carpool (he offers to drive me home) and hang out almost everyday but we are only friends and things in his life are complicated so I don’t know if he wants more or not and I don’t want to feel like an idiot if I make the first move and it turns out not to be what he wants. His eyes and body language say he wants me but..he’s in a relationship so I don’t want to mess up by making a move and him end up rejecting me. Does he feel the same? Should I go for it?


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    My first initial psychic instinct: STAY AWAY. GET ANOTHER RIDE. You are in NA to heal not to create more trouble in your life, especially with a cheat. Do you really want a man who gives out signals when he is in a relationship??? Think about it. Put the shoe on the other foot. Do you want a man to come home and make love to you after he has been “giving signals” to another? I hope not. It’s a nice way to get an STD, number one. More than that. It is inexcusable sleazy behavior. Do you think that is the best you can do? I sense that for the moment, he wants you – just wants. But my deeper psychic senses tell me it is shallow. When/if he gets you, he will very soon be giving signals to someone else. Again, stay focused on what you went to NA for in the first place. Outside of my toxic sense about this person and your vulnerability – which he is preying upon…. I am of the belief that AA, NA, etc are the worst places for finding mates.

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