Did I blew it or do I still have a chance?

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    Hi, I’m currently attracted to a friend of a friend, which I didn’t get a chance to meet until 2 days ago. Unfortunately the meeting wasn’t just between me and him, there were 6 other people, and I am an introvert so I tend to be uncomfortable and quiet in larger groups. After the meeting, my friend told me that the friend was actually pretty interested in me at first, but then he thought I was too quiet so he can’t tell what I’m really like. Right now I’m thinking about reaching out to him and apologize for not being able to have longer conversations with him, but I’m afraid he had lost all his interest in me. Do I still have a chance with him? Should I reach out to him and just tell him how I felt at that time and that’s why I was too quiet? Will he give me a second chance? Your help is very much appreciated!


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    First of all don’t apologize for being yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your behavior. I feel that if this Guy is interested in knowing who you are he will besides it takes more than one meeting to learn about another Person. Never try to be someone you are not to please another Person. If he is interested in you it will not bother Him that you are shy in fact it will intrigue him and get him to want to learn more. I’m sensing he is a little bit more out going and possibly has a high ego? I’m also feeling he is outgoing so he is also looking for others to be the same. However keep in mind If he is thinking hes not interested because you are a bit shy and a introvert then he is stating he likes the opposite and immediately I an telling you do not try to change to impress him. Be yourself and the right one will come along and be intrigued with you and love all your traits and shyness 😉 Oh and honestly if you still feel like you want to give it a go try this. Call him ask him if he would be interested in hanging out or a date maybe a movie where you can be shy. Keep in mind he is trying to find something you may just not be and to be honest I don’t feel he is the one. Besides who wants to be in a relationship where you have to pretend all the time? PLEASE never apologize for being yourself and not being something he wants you to be 😉
    P.s. Apologizing is just going to boost his ego more. You are who you are and you need to know your worth 😉

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