Did he really love me and is still in love with me?

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    Hi I had a relationship with JCR who is married last December. We are happy but then he suddenly gone cold and whenever I asked if he had a change of heart he said nothing changed. Then one night he broke up w/ me w/o any reason and doesn’t even want to talk to me anymore. It was very painful for me because I never knew if he really did love me or he just used me to feed his fantasy and or for money. I believe in his principles in life w/c was why I agreed to have a relationship with him but I always encourage him to take care of his family and that his family is priority. I always get the feeling that we are both holding back our feelings for each other for the sake of his family. Am I right? Or he never really loved me and just witted me out? Is he really focusing now on taking care of his family which I know is the main reason of our break up or has he found interest in some other girls and dated them for the last six months like with a certain MG or somebody else? Or is he still seeking out other girls to have an affair with in the future? Has he really given up on me or will he still love me even if we’re apart because we can’t be together? Is he hurting too just as I am hurting until now?Please help me on my concern which had been bothering me for the past six months. I love him dearly and I support that he focus on his family.
    Thank you.

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