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    I’m not sure if I’m supposed to ask or wrote this I’m new here and I just really really want to know if I will get pregnant in the next 3 months


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    Hi Julie,

    I can’t answer this question for sure but what I can say is that falling pregnant is preparation meeting opportunity.

    Often people assume that pregnancy is strictly biological and if you aren’t falling pregnant, something is wrong with your body. They forget that it is also mental and spiritual.

    If you’re stressed, you definitely will not fall pregnant. Change your mindset. Create the mindset of a mother that a baby would like to have. A mother who protects her peace. Also, sometimes not being able to fall pregnant or having miscarriages/stillborns is a direct result of your Karma. You need to acknowledge this and let it go. Meditate and be good to others as well as be good to yourself. Sometimes something as simple as letting go of a grudge can free you.

    The soul of your baby may also be afraid to come to your womb because of this or because they are not ready. Here’s a great book that I know for sure will give you great insight and some of my friends conceived after reading it. “Spirit Babies: How to Communicate with the Child You’re Meant to Have” Book by Walter Makichen.

    Lastly, acknowledge your power. You are born to be a mother. The sooner you accept this truth, the better.

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