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    Lately during this summer break, I’ve been spending allot of time thinking about what life holds for me in terms of me getting through school, starting my career, finding someone and starting a relationship and it has been good that I’ve had time to do that but then at the same time I just wonder if I will make it and meet my goals that I’ve been trying to set for myself. I have been doing my best to stay strong, stay positive and keep the faith but sometimes, time feel like it’s moving so slowly and not to compare myself but I look at some of my friends who already out in the world doing what I would want to be doing, recording albums, out performing, singing as a recording artist and at times it makes feel stuck like I am not really doing anything with my life. But, I’m hoping that the opportunity with my cousin’s friend who owns the recording studio will work out and I will be able to put together a demo cd and maybe get something online to get my name and voice out to the world. I just want to make it not only for myself but for my family and my friends and really be that independent, strong person who can really support himself and I feel that I am getting there but it just feels very slow. So, if you might be able to provide some insight into this I would really appreciate it, thank you.
    -Chris (11/18/1985)
    -Also, lately my best friend Joey (1/26/86) has been going through some very rough times at home and I wonder if it would be possible for you to provide any insight into his life cause it’s just that him and I are extremely close, like brothers so at times I worry about him and I also hope and pray that everything will work out for him. So, any insight that you might be able to provide for him would also be most appreciated, thank you.


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    Things are slow because you need to sharpen your skill and I’m getting that you need to write songs. If you are, write more songs.

    Joey must take better care of himself. He takes things harder than he has to and doesn’t always accept personal responsibility for his hardships. Joey must spend some time alone and think clearly and decide how to solve these problems – decide what changes he needs to make to protect himself and heal. If he is in a position to move, I would highly recommend it. Something is making it difficult for him to move. He feels he needs more money but subconsciously he feels he feels emotionally stuck. He has more options that he realizes and he must sit in silence and figure it out for himself.

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