Confusion about friendship that turned romantic

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    I was friends with an older gentleman for over 5 years before our friendship turned intimate. He has never been married and is normally casual but would act very weird when others would be nice to me, or show an interest in me. This took place before and after he moved. After he moved a friend of his tried to add me online and when I told him he said who added who and oh he didn’t tell me. This last holiday season I ran into his friend again.. we chatted and they suggested that we should hang out.. him, me and our mutual friend. My friend had been on vacation at that point for a couple months and I hadn’t heard anything but when they chatted afterward he told his friend to tell me hi and he’d been trying to call me. I’m just confused about where our friendship stands because nothing intimate has happened since 2016 but there is still flirt coming from him.

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