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    Starting when I was a very small child I’ve been familiar with the paranormal. I’d have constant nightmares and see apparations of spirits standing at the end of my bed. Recently my mum told me our house was built on the grounds of an old cemetery and she had things happen to her too when we lived there she told me when I was a baby I used to speak of a man in a hat. My whole life up until recently I’ve felt lost and made some bad decisions. I’ve moved from place to place always thinking the house I’d lived in before was haunted. A few mediums have told me that it’s me the spirits are coming to because they are attracted to my light. I go places in my dreams I can fly I can control them. I always meet a women who gives me advice I do not know this women and cannot remember what she looks like. Since I have been trying to find answers I seem to have a block in my mind and am finder it harder to remember some of my dreams like there is something stopping me now that I’m aware. My partner tells me I wake up screaming in the night pointed to a man in the doorway. There is alot happening in our flat. I used to sleepwalk as a child. Why are these things happening to me? My mum told me when I was younger my dad found bones when digging up the garden he was a very disturbed man and he kept them in a drawer in the house. My mum having a degree in anatomy thinks they where human bones. I can’t get any answers from my dad as I haven’t seen him in ten years. Could this all be to do with the house I grew up in? I also have dreams where I am standing in the hospital room I’ve just been born in I Can see myself as a baby even though I’ve ever seen a picture as there aren’t any. I described the room to my mum she told me I was right and the room was exactly that way. My mum thinks all this is coincidence even though she has had experiences herself. I really need help please


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    That doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me.

    I am a single mom of two kids have been going through a lot could use guidance, advice, and friendship.

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