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    I have feelings for two men (Derek and Tom). Derek and I have had a strong connection from the beginning and things were great for a little bit but we keep hitting road blocks because of fear and miscommunication. Right now we aren’t talking but I’m not sure if things are completely over for us. I love him but he has also been very difficult to deal with because of his fear and past hurt. Tom on the other hand is someone who is willing to do a lot for me and wants to take care of me and loves me, but unfortunately is married. We keep saying that we shouldn’t talk or see each other but one of us always caves in. The connection could be very physical and emotional so I’m not entirely sure if things would work out for us based on his circumstances. Can you give me some clarity on my love life and the potential outcomes with these men?


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    I feel Derek needs to work on himself. Needs to work on that fear & insecurities, or else the relationship is always going to be difficult. As for Tom, if he Loved you, he wouldn’t be with his wife, he would of left her to be with you. Don’t waste Your Life over him….. I would suggest just be alone, someone better will come along.

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