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    I think i spelled that wrong…I don’t know what’s up with my view finder in my head but it seems i get some sort of
    visual sometimes last night i had a weird one about playgrounds and a house that looked abandoned and a street sign that said chicago so i looked it up and there was an editorial about bad playground sets being sold in chicago news…kids getting strangelled..weird….My life is really strange right now moved downtown vancouver canada and i guess i’m looking for casual partime work…i do hair from the apartment sometimes i wonder if anyone has any advice about work.. or the perception studies. I find it hard to be objective for myself. Nevermind my wacked out love life….


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    You are nor crazy. Much psychic information comes to us in dreams. You are a healer so keep doing hair. Your clients love you and there will be more. Healers and master teachers come in many disguises. The only thing in your way is self confidence. You got some but not enough right now. Focus on your hair clients and what they say to you and JOURNAL your conversation with them daily. Also, journal your dreams in another book when you first wake up. Your next step in your healing vocation will reveal itself in the information you get from your clients and your dreams.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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