Bad Breakup

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    So I was with my ex for 10 months. He was sweet at first and talked about marriage and how he loved me so much. Next thing I know he’s living with me. He had no car and no job when we first met but he finally got a job and was helpful around my apartment. Mind you I live in a college apartment and had roommates. His job got really busy and whenever he would get free time it only went to me when he was going to sleep at night. He was always with his friends. Then he told me he moved in with me because it was convenient to him because his sister kicked out him out of her apartment which he slept on her couch. He started texting other girls including communicating with his ex. Then moved out when it was his time to pay rent. When I was in the hospital he didn’t come visit me once. Two months later he moved out again. Now he says he wants to break up because I’m a burden to him yet he was living with me rent free? Then I ask him what wrong because a couple weeks ago he told me he’s the luckiest guy in the world to ever have me. He says he does not find me attractive anymore and has moved on and so should I. It’s obvious that he was cheating but someone please help me understand why was this person so horrible towards me when I was there for him when he had nothing. Did he ever really love me or was he just using me this entire time?

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