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    Hi everyone! I am really happy I found this community! Does anyone else feel more anxiety the more you become “awakened”? I find myself lately unable to be in large crowds, im feeling EVERYONE’s energy and its so overwheming!! any advice?


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      I’ll chime in on this one! I’ve seen many people over the years experience this type of thing. You start meditating, messing with the chakras, and then BAM! You become a psychic sponge. You pick up on unnecessary junk from people. Crowds are overwhelming. Hospitals are a nightmare.

      Many systems of metaphysical training refer to this as getting “flooded.” All this information comes into you. Maybe it effects your energy level. Maybe you get physical pains in your own body from people around you. Maybe you start getting depressed.

      The good news is that this type of thing usually isn’t because of an increased awareness. Rather, it’s increased awareness, With No Control.

      Psychic and Intuitive ability can be powerful and helpful in your life. When you shift into a higher level of awareness, these abilities become more accurate and useful. Spiritual awareness is like nothing else, right? But I’d suggest, when you don’t need them, Bring Yourself Back Down. You might be able to get away with walking around in an elevated state all day, but you also might suffer the effects of this.

      I’ve met a lot of psychics and people into developing spiritual awareness who have cuts and bruises all over their legs. I know, it’s strange isn’t it? I can confidently say the reason why is they are walking around all day bumping into furniture. They are constantly in a higher states, spaced out, not grounded. This isn’t necessary, or healthy.

      In fact, if you aren’t careful, you could do what many people have done – put up a subconscious block, a defense mechanism, which blocks all spiritual awareness. Your inner self says “this is too much” and then takes steps to fix the problem, without your permission.

      When I walk into a large crowd or cancer ward of a hospital, I pull all my attention into my body. Try condensing your awareness this way. Shut off all curiosity. Pull your focus internally. If you can’t figure out how to do this on your own, get some training. We offer this here.

      There is no reason to live a limited life because you have more spiritual awareness than the average person. That’s crazy. You should be able to go where you want, and do what you want.

      I regularly work with clients on a psychic level (including cops, doctors, CEOs, etc), and when I’m done, I’m done. I can go wherever I need to go – crowds, hospitals, situations around toxic people. And it doesn’t effect me. This is simply because I training and experience which allows me to control myself. I’m not bragging, just trying to give you and idea of what’s possible.

      Hope this helps. Also, here’s a good article I wrote on the subject:

      - Dale Sellers

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