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    There is a man I feel like I have shared a very deep connection with since I was age 14,he was 17 at the time. One day we just locked eyes out of nowhere, we knew OF each other but didn’t know one another. The day we locked eyes, it felt like the world stopped. My breath was ripped from my body and I couldn’t speak. We held eye contact for what seemed like hours. But in reality it was more like 20-30 seconds. He came to my house once when I was 15 but I do not know why, because neither of us spoke to each other. We just stared at each other. All we ever did was stare into each other’s eyes, we never spoke and the feelings I got were euphoric.
    I stopped seeing him when I was around 16-17 and I forgot about him. He met someone and I became a mother. A few years ago during a local bonfire I turned and was met with eyes. Again my breath stopped the world stopped, it was him. Now I see him often, I can feel him before I see him, I can’t stop thinking about him. My stomach feels sick with love for him. I dream of him and they feel so real it’s almost painful to wake up. Everytime we see each other, our eyes lock and my whole world stops.
    What on earth is going on? Does he dream of me too? Are we meant to be?
    I feel so bad having these thoughts and feelings. I have a partner and children and so does this man.

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