Anxious and scared for the future

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    This weekend has really shown me how unappreciated I really am in life whether it’s from family or friends. In the end, I feel like I’m always the one benefiting others and not getting the same back. Is it always going to be this way? And will I ever find someone who actually really cares about my well being?


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    Please give me your Birth date and place. I can help you out 😉


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    You are very much a leader. It’s who you are. I am the same and unfortunately for us, we cannot be in a position that requires someone else to do the caring. That’s something that you have to accept as the strong person you have been called to be. Having higher thoughts than others puts you in that position. I would look at everyone as being children. You are that much above them. You understand more on a logical level whereas they are on a joyride. The joyride that you are giving them. Who has time to think, but when it boils right down to it, they care. They just can’t show it right now because of intertwining of other emotions that make it difficult to show. It’s impossible to receive from someone without feeling gratitude because it was received deep down. I think you’re just being emotional right now and it will cool off. It’s in the moment but you do excellent not bursting out and venting in other directions. Perfect! Keep that up.

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