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    I’m just wondering why I have lived with such extreme anxiety, if anyone knows.


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    I suspect, and perhaps my theory may be invalidated, but it seems based on my own personal journey that previous unhealed trauma contributes subconciously. I have had to extensively review my past experiences and who may have contributed to the success of an outcome or intentionally sought to hinder my spiritual development.

    The greatest difficulty I recently faced was letting go of some of my most loved relationships who were causing immense heartache to justify or catapult their success at the expense of my own.

    That in itself was an additional heart-breaking dillemma that I am now attempting to over come. Ultimately, anxiety can be mitigated with the right environment and being surrounded by loving members of a community seeking to heal through a foundation built on nutrition, positive engagements, and a mindful atmosphere reflective of moderate paradigms and generosity.

    I desperately seek this kind of environment. Yet, I must also be aware of my own conciousness if I wish to attract this to my life.

    The root cause of my own anxiety centered around a tumultous relationship with my mom. It has taken years of undoing to fully come to terms with the lack of acceptance I will never receive. As such, I have also had to unlearn all of that paricular parental dynamic including a rigid religious belief system causing me immense stress.

    Though I am alone, my anxiety is less and only triggered when that relationship attempts to return. The energy that surrounds it often subjects me to feelings of manipulation, control, and rejection of my personal belief system and knowledge. It is difficult because I have had to come to terms with identifying that my maternal guidance lacked compassion and was a centralized system designed around control. Once recognized, I worked to educate myself and find a way to develop such abilities without the proper structure/guidance framework. From the outside of it, I recognize the damage created to my subconscious, while having an unfulfilled need for a motherly role-model.

    This is the truest depth of what I found to be my own anxiety, though different for everyone – identifying the issue provides insight to make the nessecary changes to create a personal safe space of love and congruity in a more compassionate and healthy environment.


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    I believe that it’s the fear of not being right, not being perfect, not saying the right thing….but you need to let go to FEARS
    Fears will always hold you back .. back at doing anything….being cautious is good .. is healthy, but fearful that something could happen .. not good….
    You need to relax and trust your gut feeling.. you’re intuition.. if something doesnt feel right then be cautious and proceed with caution or get away or out of that situation, but dont just avoid it because something might happen… rather you know it or not… if we do that alot of times were throwing negativity out in the atmosphere in the universe to attract bad things… a bad outcome or subconsciously asking for a bad thing to happen to us.
    You might have had a bad experience or you might have had a trauma happen to you in your past, but you need to take baby steps to get past it… itll probably never go away 100% but allow yourself the grieving or healing you need to move on in your life to live… without all those fears…. doubts…
    You are an amazing person… let people see that.. allow yourself to be YOU… and you will see.. the anxiety will go away little by little..

    You can go in front of a mirror too and you can say…

    I (say your name) am a strong person… I can face everything without fear and anxiety holding me back…. I am an amazing person who has so much to offer this world and anyone would be lucky to be around me…. and I can do this.. I got this

    And then.
    You proceed in life with confidence and caution..but not fear and anxiety

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