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    Hi guys. I keep having repetitive thoughts about someone I have never met. The thoughts are basically that I am connected to this person….I am being shown over and over that I meet this person. His name is Edward…and this seems to be consuming me.I think about it all day every do I know if its real or not or what the lesson is? I dont believe that this is something I can control. Thank you


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    Yes, you can control this, you alway have control over your energy field once you know what to do. Tell him to back off and step out of your energy field. If it is a person you will meet physically then thank your guides for the message and ask them to back it off now. Sometimes people (with or without a body) use their psychic powers to step into the energy field of another to try and manipulate what they want. This is not cool. Dont be afraid to yell at upstairs when these messages or energies get too much. You always have control when you put your foot down and demand they get out of your energy field. Great learning for you! All is well:)

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