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    Ok so I’ve been having doubts in my current relationship trust me i love my bf its just im not 100% over my ex. My ex’s name is Jesper and my bf’s name is Brandon .SOOOO to begin i met jesper online actually and even though it was only an online relationship we used to call 24/7 and talk to eachother all the time and of course we’ve done stuff together online that i can’t specify due to trying to stay appropiate but he would always tell me he loved me and i love him still to this day but i also love my bf my relationship with my ex was way longer than my current relationship. My ex’s real name is Jasper but he goes by Jesper he’s in his early 20’s and me and him have been talking alot recently and calling each other he only acts goofy and silly and is his true self around me i’ve noticed it so much. He’s even called me a really good friend while talking to someone else. Me and him have ALOT of history together. He was there through my depression and ptsd etc. He even cried for me because i tried to kill myself in the past. He was always there for me but due to timezones and him being in a different country its not going to be easy to talk to him all the time because i will be busy with work etc, but i guess my question is does he still want me ? would he even want to date me because i remember running into him on this chat site me and him used to go on all the time and he said he was depressed and he missed love life and he was glad he ran into me and he finally had someone to talk to. Is it worth leaving my bf for him ? or should i stay with my current bf ? does Jesper aka Jasper really want me or is this more of a friend type relationship? Does Jasper love me like I love him?

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