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    Hi everyone. My husband’s passion and calling has always been to become an actor. He doesn’t necessarily seek fame and fortune, he simply wants to make a living doing what he loves. Since we are at a crossroads in our life right now and have nothing to lose, we would like to know if he should take the plunge and pursue this dream full force. He honestly feels this is his calling, and I agree and support him 100%. If he pursues this, will he become successful (work steadily) and if so, how long will it be till he gets his his “break” (I feel he’s on the cusp)? Also, what are the necessary steps he must take to make this happen? Thank you.


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    Hi there,
    I am not psychic, but I think it is a beautiful thing when a couple comes together as such and supports one another. I am the type that believes you can do anything if you put your mind to it and in your case the advantage is even greater because you have two great collective minds to chose from. If this is your goal as a couple then I say the sky is the limit because just remember all the great actors had to start somewhere (thus hold on to that day job that pays the bills for now, but pursue this dream on the side (if it leads into a full time paying gig then gradually make that transition). When in doubt do things in steps and definitely have a plan set aside just in case (having a cushion or safety net applies to all careers). I am not sure where your husband is in acting skill level (meaning has he done this before?), but some people in order to hone in on their skills take acting classes first then progress that way. If he is more advanced then I am not 100% sure about this part, but some folks deal with agencies (this will require research, be careful of money scams with this), and open local casting calls sometimes there are listings for people to be in the backgrounds of movies (or better known as extras/ a friend of mine did this once). Always remember that you are approaching this goal as a couple and that way you cannot lose. I hope this reply helps you out a little bit.
    Best wishes and Good luck to you both,
    Lisa (aka kitana57)

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