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    I am Helena, born on 28.June 1971 at 23:30 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, he is Slavko, born on 2.August 1954 at 5:30 in Cetinje, Montenegro. We are both in Motenegro now, I am in Herceg Novi, he is in Cetinje. We were to be married, and been on and off for 6 years. We loved one another madly but I was forced to refuse marrying him because of his drinkig. I have two children, and he lived with us in Herceg Novi, after he had left his wife in Prague and two grown-up children. I dislodged him 2,5 years ago, and sent him away to Cetinje, we he started drinking after 3 months, but we got back together again, but I never again let him live with us. There is also one strange woman who became his friend, Maja, born on 5.March 1976, she is in love with him and comes to his door in Cetinje pretending to be only his friend…I want to know – does he still love, is he going to call me, is he going to stop drinking, will we get back together, and is he sleeping with this Maja? He broke up with me a month and a half ago, after he called me to get back together, after a quarrel…now he blocked my numbers and doesn’t answer my calls. He also have some paranoia, he is a very famous person in Montenegro, asort of living legend, a revolutionary politician..

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