• Ladies! I love you both. Tania, I will pm you and bronze—your situation is a bit similar to one of mine. I used to have a blog about it but I think I had let that go—or—-I don’t have access to it/remember where it was anymore but I do keep thinking of typing it out again. Of course it’s a long story but the similarities were that I had so very many dreams and other crazy synchronicities and magical things that happened and I KNEW this person was right for me. In every way possible–but I was in no hurry to be with him. Basically he chose his lifestyle over me. The whole freewill thing. (I think anyone would have jumped on the opportunity he did—but for me I have and will always choose love). These soul connections, no other human can touch and you feel as if you will never be able to meet anyone that you can feel that way with. If youre not careful, they can destroy you. I have spent a long time at “rock bottom” because the relationship didn’t pan out the way my dreams had told me it would and I honestly truthfully thought I would never love again (he was the only love I had known since 15—I had dated and even had a very short marriage with someone else but nothing compared to my first soul connection). And you know what, I did someone knew and even so much better came into my life. He was a man that walked straight out of my dreams and dare I say it perfect in every way (besides the fact that htat relationship was short lived and has ended also). Before I met the second love I was so hopeless and lost. THis second person taught me that as long as we are growing and working on ourselves (always putting ourselves first) that we draw in the connections we so desire. I am still learning to release this second person–but because I have done this once before I know it’s possible and I know even better exists.

    Keep the faith. If it isn’t him, you will get through the darkness and find your diamond on the other side. We are here with you.

    • Hi Mermaidbynight! Thank you so much for your kindness. I wish you still had that blog I would have loved to have read it! Also when I see your screen name This song called Black Mermaid by Esthero starts playing in my head. You should check it out on youtube, it is a beautiful song. Again thanks for your kind words and let me know what you think of the song.