• Tania_perera4 posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Hi Melinda , It’s Tania here.
    I need an advice from you.kindly assist me to take a decision.I’m hesitate to take a move.but I need a change either.My elderst brother is very abusive eventhough I don’t stand his behaviour I was really patience because of my mother’s health.she was paralised few years back .she’s fine now.I never wanted to leave her for any reason eventhough my brother was abusive to our family memebers.last month I got beaten by him.I ran to the police station , I was helpless that moment.I really wanted to leave the house and to have a new start.when I settled hoping to take my father and mother with me.but at this moment I have to go my self leaving mother and father for sometime.I know my brother is angry with me bcz he was arrested by the police after I got beatten by him.I feel.negative energies when he arounds and the way he speaks.I don’t feel secure
    Please advice me on this.If you are available right now