• Tania_perera4 posted an update 3 years, 10 months ago

    I saw 111 , 777 , 000 today , I started praying to archangel chamuel . Now i see angel signs . Wanna tell you more
    If you are free talk to me please

    • The “1” speaks of your own oness with the Universe. The “7” speaks of mastery…letting go of paradigms and becoming a master of your universe. Together, the sum total of all the individual numbers is: 6. The 6 is about unification and ignition. It is time to grow beyond what you have been thinking and doing (letting go fo paradigms), and start recognizing you cannot stay the same forever. The energy of six carries powerful birthing alignment if you take the steps to come out of the womb. The universe is supporting your steps, so the choice is yours…move into a new dimension of unified action and ignite or accept where you are and enjoy it. Chamuel adds protection to you. Allow protection from fear. What is it that causes you to feel you need protection? Look at these things. Journal about them. If you do not keep a journal, start one. What would you life be like without any fear or chaos? This is the dawn of the decision that will influence the outcome of your situation. you must choose to either accept a new life that will force you to face an addiction to old energy and walk through it, or choose to accept things the way they are and start living with them rather than complaining about them. It does not matter which choice you make. Either way, remember you are protected, and you will not make a mistake.

    • Thank you so much Melinda for the guidance.May God Bless you always . With love Tania