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    I am so glad that this site is real and I thank you all for keeping it going

    My issue is that I had a great friend in a coworker. The problem is that I have just recently realized that I may have fallen in love with him. Right now tho its killing me because we had an argument and he hasn’t spoken to me in pretty much a month. The thing is it’s breaking my heart because I really do have a love for the man.

    I also have another problem all together because I am married to a different man and I’m not sure about how we are going anymore.

    I just need to know if the coworker is completely outta my life or not and how he feels about me and what I should do about the situation I find myself in now.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and I am going to say thank you in advance to anyone who maybe able to help me out.

    Thank you again.

    • Hi there

    • Im amateur tarotreader;i found your question and decided to do tarot reading.from my understanding from the tarots,the person you were asking how he was feeling for you,this person thinks you are beautiful,you are in search of your true self,I’m not sure if you are a higher position in your job but this person thinks your job /work is very important you are very focused on it.I kept asked if he has the same feelings for you but I can not tell this person feels the same

    • Hi

    • Sorry,I have not replied your questions as I did not log into site for a wee while.and I have been working as well..I want to tell you that in a natural empath and practicing on tarot cards,so I’m not a professional reader .If that is alright I will look at it and I will reply you