• Mandy81 posted an update 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    I have a question that is nagging at me . My 16 year old daughter had sex Friday. Twice . She told me he well evacuated ship before the ride came if that makes sense. Well I was calculating her ovulation time line and her most fertile days was the days they had in protection sexual activity. I am feeling she is pregnant, so could anyone be helpful and ease the mind on what I should do ?

    • Hello. Have you talked out with your daughter about the event. Buy a pregnant test and take her to the doctor. Get her to start taking birth control pills. If she is pregnant then you have to help her take one of her most important life descisions. is she mature enough to take care of her child. tell her her about all responsibility that accompanies taking care of a child, can not live out of youth, does not finish education, awake nights, etc. just tell her how it was for you ending up pregnant and take care of a child. I hope she is not pregnant and can liv her youth help. Hope this helps a littel bit.