Changing 'idle' thoughts into 'beliefs'.

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    Ah yes, it is not necessarily a difficult process, yet is an elusive process, to nail down, to be some what comfortable with it.
    What you inquire!
    Changing ‘idle’ thoughts into ‘beliefs’ that mostly work, in ones life.

    Yes, many will need an external source of assist to learn more.
    Maybe this site, will be a further good source.
    Be Well
    Life goes on regardless of how we look at it. Sinks,toilets and drains will still clog up. Weeds will sneak into the lawn area. Cars will still get flat tires. Politicians will continue telling untruths. Leaders will explain why wars are necessary. Bankers will continue to figure ways to relieve you of your money and Drug manufacturers will figure out ways to sell you unneeded drugs for the rest of your life. Boats and airplanes will still collide, and trains will continue to derail.

    Heard mention at times, from various individuals, that nothing good is taking place in their lives. Could list dozens of things complained about and how worried some are, but won’t do that list. Will list a few though, of the little things, that I’ve learned to call ‘my daily mini-Miracles’. Not always, as yet, a perfect success rate, but am working at it. Belief, is not just an idle thought process, it takes effort to achieve a workable belief process, that is truly a solid part of you. Have used ‘beliefs’, to eliminate, moderate or manifest in some way, shape or form, under various conditions.

    Bought my first house with beliefs, under almost impossible conditions.
    Headaches transferred into an ice cubes and melted away.
    Eliminate various body aches and pains.
    Moderate a quick temper into a manageable condition.
    Moderate lunacy into normal insanity. (not ready to be perfect)
    Problems of a certain nature transferred into another object and dropped away.
    Start a non-starting vehicles into a running condition, in an emergency.
    Cause a brief cessation of a heavy local rain downpour to assist another.
    Grow the shorter middle finger temporarily longer. (immediate results)
    Part of above is quoted from my blog:


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    Thanks for sharing!

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