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    Me and this guy I’ll just put his initials even though I doubt he’ll be on this website but just in case he’ll be referred to as G.V. Me and G.V started out as friends when I moved to a new school. One day me and G.V started talking over snapchat unto which he started flirting with me. So surprised and confused I thoughtlessly flirted back thinking nothing would come of this. So a few smiles, laughs and hours later I end up lying to him about certain details of my life because I was afraid if I told him the truth that he wouldn’t want to talk to me anymore and like I said I didn’t thino anything would come of this. So two weeks later after hundreds of exchanged messages and late night early morning conversationso I found myself falling in love with G.V Now I have been in love once before it was short term but long lived. But I don’t ever remember it being as bad or complicated as the situation between G.V and I. We had initially agreed to be friends with benefits because neither one of us wanted a relationship and that was one of the lies I told. But I just went along with it because by that time I was so infatuated byou this boy that I would’ve been down with anything just so I could say I was with him in some form. I even tried convincing myself that maybe I really didn’t want a relationship. I even broke up with my ex boyfriend during that time because of G.V even though my ex was a piece of trash and it was a long time coming anyway. But fast forward two weeks later, he found out that I lied and we broke up for about 2 to 3 weeks and then he approached me and that’s hen we ultimately got back together. Since then we have been on and off and have grown feelings for each other yet we can’t seem to tell one another how we truly feel. And any fight that we’ve gotten in he was always the one to reach out first except as of lately I’ve been the one reaching out but before that it was all him. I do love G.V with all of my heart and so I guess my question is Will we be in a real relationship within the near future? And do you think he loves me? We’ve please been through a lot togther and have a really strong unspoken connection. And we always seem to come back to one another. Please help.


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    Please provide both of your Birth dates so I can take a look at your chart 😉


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    I can’t help but think of the lies. He feels the same way. You will be together. That’s obvious, but there’s always consequences as you see, and what you’re probably wondering is if you two could continue forward with trust. Will you both forgive? Yes. You will. It will get worked out.

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