Take back control over your own life using a simple method detailed in the following video – release the stubborn pain from the past/present so you can start living the life you are meant to have

Take back control over your own life using a simple method detailed in the following video - release the stubborn pain from the past/present so you can start living the life you are meant to have

remove control from others

Having someone stuck in your head, bringing you down and holding you back in life - you can eliminate this!

Is there anyone in your life that has more control over you than they really should? And no matter what you do (positive thinking, etc), you just can't get this person out of your mind?

What about romance? For example, maybe you are healing from a past relationship. Your ex is living in your head and in your heart. You keep thinking about them, reliving what you went through. Maybe you want to meet someone new, but your ex is still living strongly inside of you. Maybe any hopes of a new relationship are being pushed away - because your cup is still full?

What about your work? Do you feel dominated by a supervisor or boss, and you find yourself being angry at this person on your days off (when you aren't getting paid). No matter what you do, you can stop dwelling on what they said, how the treat you, etc. Or maybe it's a coworker? Maybe a peer at work started rumors or betrayed you in some other way? You still have to see them and when you do, it brings up all those terrible feelings.

What about your family? Is there are deep resentment stewing inside of you towards a sibling, an uncle, or maybe even sometimes your spouse? Maybe it's anger, betrayal, or jealousy? Are these feelings keeping you from experiencing the happiness and peace of mind that you deserve to have?

For most people, at least of couple of the above scenarios exist.

While many of us don't like to acknowledge our deeper feelings, but most people are giving someone else too much power - mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The good is new is that you don't have to keep reacting to other people like this for the rest of your life. You don't have to let other people control you like a puppet.

You can take back ownership over your own reactions, emotions, and thinking - you can even break the metaphysical grips that others have over you. But it probably won't just happen on it's on. You will likely need to take action.

Use the following exercise to start making a radical, positive change in your life

The following video contains a powerful method you can start using now to start eliminating the life-sucking control that others have over you. Watch the video a couple times and learn the technique. Then, apply the exercise to your own unique situation.

  • If you are trying heal from a past relationship, put your ex up up on the wall (just as in the exercise). Alter them, destroy them, and create new versions over and over. Do this for about 10-15 minutes at a time. If things are really tough for you, do this exercise at least 2 times a day. Instead of sitting around, reliving the pain of what happened, use this exercise as a replacement

  • If a boss or coworker is getting under your skin, and ruining your life, don't settle for this. Run this exercise at night as often as possible. Sneak in a bathroom at work and do the exercise for 5 minutes. Do it on your lunch break in your car. With some practice, any little bit will start to help. You WILL feel better.

  • If you are stressed out about bills, use an image of a stack of bills for the exercise. Move it around, break it, change it's color, destroy it. You can also use a stack of money as a symbol. Getting the stress out of you puts you in better mindset where you can then focus on the solution, whatever it is for you.

  • If you have a debilitating pit in your stomach or stabbing feeling in your heart (about someone or something), give that feeling a size, shape, color, temperature, and density. Now, get it out on the wall on front of you and apply the exercise to this shape. I've used this exact method for over 25 years with incredible success.

The whole idea of this exercise is to start taking control back over your life. Throughout the day, instead of giving your energy over to people and things unproductively, it's about putting your energy into what matters: being happy, finding a new romantic partner, getting better at your job and advancing in your career, etc.

Of course it's OK to react sometimes, like when a relationship FIRST falls part it's natural to feel grief. But 6 months later, it serves no purpose to still be carrying around this kind of pain - to still have someone living in your head (someone who doesn't deserve to be there).

Important: To get results, you have to use this exercise. It may take a few times to get the hang of it, but it will start to help you with some practice. But you have to keep using it until you really start seeing permanent changes (which you will). Once you use it to work through one issue, move on to something else that is limiting you in life.

I've been using this same exercise for over 25 years (for different scenarios) and it's been a life saver for me. It's not uncommon for me to put in 5-10 sessions of this a week, at 10 minutes each. I keep doing it because it works. I encourage you to do the same.

It's a great alternative to being miserable, getting sick from too much stress, or watching your life fall apart because you can't control yourself (your relationship, marriage, career, etc.)

So here is the exercise. Practice it a few times. And then, let me know how it works for you. Let me know if you have any questions. Simply reply to the topic I created in our community here and I will do my best to personally respond:

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This method has been tested and proven to be effective for those going through a severe relationship breakup, soldiers suffering from combat trauma, victims of sexual trauma, and people stuck in a poverty-mindset. It can also be used to simply take your life to the next level of happiness and awareness.

This exercise also helps to remove the cloudiness that blocks intuition and other metaphysical abilities from naturally occurring. Emotion is also the most important force behind psychic ability, when it used properly. Make it a habit and you will notice enhanced psychic perception and a greater ability to spiritually manifest the things you want in life.

It's a powerful exercise and you can make a real improvement in your life, using only this exercise. At the same time, it's not a complete approach. For more detailed and step-by-step training, see the details of our Life Mastery Program.

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