Psychic Services Affiliate Program

The Perfect Holistic Income Opportunity Even In Tough Economic Times!

Would your website visitors or social networking friends appreciate finding an accurate psychic? Do they have an interest in psychic development? Whether it's CNN, NBC or the New York Times, psychic based services have recently reached the top headlines. Worldwide economic challenges are no secret. This effects every aspect of people's lives - career, relationships, personal happiness...the list is endless

Psychic based services which provide solutions to these critical issues are in hot demand.

We are in the business of helping people. The more people we help, the better we are at achieving our goals. One of the best ways for us to accomplish this is to have credible people like you (Affiliates) link to our website. No website or blog needed!

If you are looking for a new income opportunity, want to start your own home based business (for personal freedom, greater income, time to spend with your family), or you want to add variety to your current affiliate promotions, we encourage you to explore this opportunity.

Affiliates Program Details

Become an affiliate and earn a generous 10% commission (average $17.80 - $279.00 per sale) by directing web traffic to our site. You can directly promote our services or you can promote the different projects we offer (free online exercises, educational guides, and free newsletters). All of these projects allow visitors to purchase our two most attractive services, Intuitive Counseling and our Psychic Development Course/Personal Growth Course, the Life Mastery Program. Because we provide our services to clients internationally, you can promote our services anywhere.

Anytime you send someone to our site (through another site, e-mail newsletter, forum, blog, etc), and the visitor makes a purchase, you'll earn a commission. We have powerful on-site software that tracks all your online and offline commissions. Because we use sophisticated tracking methods, even if a visitor purchases months after visiting your site, you still receive a commission.

Unlike many affiliate programs, our program offers recurring commissions. Not only do your receive a commission for first-time sales, but every time a repeat client makes a purchase, you receive a commission. This means that you don't constantly have to concentrate on getting new commissions. Also, our program does not solely rely on tracking from internet cookies. If a visitor deletes their cookies, uses another computer, etc, your commissions are still tracked, even months later.

With our Live Tracking & Statistics, you can login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance and see how your affiliate promotions are performing. See more details by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions

So How Do You Get Started? It's Easy -

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