Intuition Faqs – Life Mastery Program

Facts Sheet - Life Mastery Program

Here are some of the questions that I'm frequently asked relating to LifeLeap Institute's Life Mastery Program. Take a look and let us know if you have any further questions, or if we can be of assistance in any other way.

It's difficult to believe much of what you claim is possible with this training. Why should I believe any of these things?

I understand the skepticism you may have when reviewing what we claim is possible with this program training - much of what we discuss is very radical. There are not concepts or ideas most people encounter on a regular basis. Let me bring up a point though - just because something isn't widely known or believed, doesn't' mean it's not real. Throughout time, new concepts that were proven to be true were not widely known and often argued against - the world being round instead of flat, the earth revolving around the sun instead the sun revolving around the earth, the existence of bacteria, radio waves, the list goes on.

Throughout time, people have been judged, tortured, and killed for even discussing much of what is known to be true today. This is simply because other people did not understand, feared change, or they had beliefs that contradicted what was presented to them.

Before you make up your mind, I encourage you to do some research. Much of what we claim in this program goes side-by-side with the concepts discovered through quantum physics. You might be amazed at what many of the great minds are saying about the nature of reality - professors at Princeton University, Duke University, The University of Arizona, top physicists working with US Army, and more.

The current model of reality which most people understand (in the mainstream of our culture) has been proven to be inaccurate. In fact, science has proven that time and space are flexible and can be influenced; physical matter can be influenced by merely observing it, and much more. Just as an example, when you look at a coffee cup on a table in front of you, the mere act of you observing the cup instantaneously alters the makeup of the atoms in the cup (without you even touching it).

There is so much more to discuss, but it would take hundreds of pages just to get started. I encourage you to go to your local library/bookstore and research these topics: holographic universe, superstring theory, non-linear time, non-locality in space, multiverse theory, Heisenberg's uncertainty theory, implicate and explicate universe, and the unified field theory. This should get you started on this mind-blowing journey. One of my favorite books is the Holographic Universes by Michael Talbot. Although the author isn't a physicist, he does a great job of explaining many of these concepts in a way most people can easily understand. Many of the other books are written by physicists and can be a bit technical and hard to follow.

Our Life Mastery Program doesn't go into too much explanation of these concepts - rather we give you methods and exercises that allow you to experience these greater truths yourself first-hand. Then we show you how you can apply what you've learned in your day-to-day life to make your life easier, more exciting, less painful, and less limiting.

The old "mechanical and animalistic" understanding of reality has been replaced. New developments in science, especially the field of quantum physics, prove the reality is actually less limited, not as concrete, and full of potentials which were once believed to be impossible.

Discover what the top scientist at the most credible establishments have to say about what the real truth is and what the real truth is not. See what top researchers, even from the most conservative universities, are claiming about the potential of spiritual and intuitive ability.

Why is this important to understand? By seeing what the greatest minds credible sources are saying, spiritual and intuitive awareness become de-mystified - removing the notion of absurdity commonly associated with these types of abilities. This is good at this point in your training with this program. You can start to see more clearly the potentials we present to you throughout this training are not as impossible as most people think.

In this lesson we also begin working with emotional energy. Learn how to magnify an emotional state with a powerful intensity and project it outside the limits of your physical body, even to the point of filling up a large room.

What is this good for? Well, you can use this to take ownership over an audience and have everyone hanging on every word you speak (this is very effective if you have a goal of influencing others). You can project the emotion of success in a job interview or business meeting and gain a powerful edge that you wouldn't otherwise have.

Although, usually unaware of the reason, other people are influenced by this type of power. In fact, these types of skills can be more effective than what you can accomplish with any words or body language.

Having this level of emotional control and influence is astonishing. But even more important, in this lesson we show you the connecting link between emotions and spiritual/intuitive reality. We don't tell you about it, we show you. The exercises in this lesson allow you to demonstrate this deeper truth to yourself, whether you believe in it or not. Trust me, it will amaze you. Most students wonder how they could have gone through life, not noticing what has been there all along behind the scenes.

Like many of the exercises in this program, with this lesson you can expect to find helpful video animations and simulations to make your training easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Can I get as much out of correspondent training as I can out of an in-person program?

The answer is yes. The real foundation of the program is contained in the 20 powerful written lessons. These lessons are sent to you through email or the postal system, one lesson every 2 weeks. During the in-person classes, we just read over the lessons and answer questions - this is all that you are missing as a correspondent student.

Each lesson contains exercises that are geared toward helping you to create a deeper level of awareness and the intuitive/healing abilities that go along with this awareness. I've been teaching correspondent students for years and I've never had a student that didn't see profound changes after participating in this program.

I don't want to do this alone - how is it possible to avoid this if I take the program through correspondence?

As a correspondent student, you will not be alone. We provide extensive support for correspondent students. This includes access to our private student forums. Here you can ask questions and share your experiences with other students of this program. There are audio files of many of the exercises that are in the lessons. I check the forums daily - you get feedback from me, but also feedback from other students and teachers.

We also offer teleclasses in which you call in to live conferences. I use these teleclasses as an opportunity to coach all students through the exercises in the lessons. We also have a Secured Student Website full of resources. And of course, as a student, I encourage you to call me personally when you have questions about the program.

Is this training going to make me a "intuitive sponge" where I walk around all day and see ghosts, murders, feel people's pain, read people's minds, etc? Will this program turn into an antisocial freak that gets rejected by my friends, family, and society or will it make me crazy because the mind isn't made to expand so much?

This program is not some type of Pandora's Box that creates a life-long nightmare. It's quite the opposite - I've had hundreds of students throughout the years that have demonstrated improvement in their lives. I've seen students heal themselves of chronic disease (terminal cancer, diabetes, HIV, etc), I've seen students create successful small businesses, open charitable foundations that help thousands of people, attract the relationship partner they had always dreamed about, and other great feats.

The biggest misconception of students who are fearful of this training is that this program is only about being more intuitive. Actually, this program is really about healing yourself on a deeper level. The intuitive awareness/healing ability is more of a side-effect of this process.

The core of this training is self awareness and self control. We actually start off with specific exercise for controlling your emotions. This allows you to decide how you want to feel instead of reacting to life's experiences. The program moves on from there but gets much more advanced, with the core focus still being the same.

You don't even have to use this training to open up intuitive awareness, although I can't see why you would want to avoid this. This ability can make your day-to-day life much easier, more efficient, and more exciting. If you do want to concentrate on intuitive awareness, we instruct you how to do this safely, comfortably, and completely under your control. Otherwise, intuitive perception would be more of a curse than a blessing.

Psychic experiences don't have to be random experiences that just pop up throughout the day. We show you how to turn this ability on and off at will, which is much more practical. If you encounter intuitive awareness, it will be because you intended it to happen.

What will I have to do to get results from this program?

Each lesson contains different types of visual, mental, and spiritual exercises. I suggest that you find a quiet place where you can be alone and regularly work through these different exercises. This is what will get you the results that you want - it's not going to be from sitting in a room listening to someone talk. It's also helpful sometimes to partner up with other students over the phone to run each other through the processes. I provide this resource to you as a student.

Because these methods are so intense, you only need to put 15-20 minutes every day into this training, or even three times a week. Then occasionally take an hour to do some heavier processing. This is all the time that you need to invest to get the benefits of this program. Eventually you reach a point where you don't have to do as much intensive work on your own - your life becomes more of an ongoing meditative/intuitive/spiritual experience.

I never have been good at meditating. Will this program be another failure for me?

You won't find the same old "sit still and try not to think" meditation approach in these lessons. Most of the visualizations, awareness triggering exercises, and other exercises in this program engage your mind with activity. These methods are actually fun and can be very exciting and stimulating. This is true especially when you start to blend your awareness and new abilities into your day to day life - this is where the practical application comes into play.

How is this program different from the metaphysical books in the bookstores, meditation CDs, and E-books on the internet?

There are several key differences that caught my attention years ago when I first took this program. Many approaches to intuitive development, healing, and self-awareness are just one individual's opinion about what is best. You see this in so many books, classes, seminars, etc. There are so many self-proclaimed experts these days. The information contained in the Life Mastery Program is not just another person's ideas.

This program results from over 60 years of extensive international research into all the best sources of meditation, psychology, and metaphysics. The best information was gathered from all of the most powerful sources. Then, through trial and error, each of the exercises in this program was tested over and over again to determine what works and what doesn't work. This was all done internationally in small groups of people. After over 3,000 personal case studies of individual students, the final work is found in this program.

I've never discovered another approach that took this path to accumulate knowledge. This impressed me so much, not to mention the measurable results that I could see in my own intuitive development and awareness. Because of this, after completing the program years ago, I also completed a more advanced training program so I could teach the program. Since then, I've seen so many students experience major awakenings. This is good, because as an individual, I insist on seeing results in anything that I do in my life.

I'm interested in the training, but I don't want to commit quite yet to the whole program - is there an option where I am not locked into paying for the whole entire course?

Yes! Our Basic Plan of the program is good if you are hesitant to commit to the whole program and would like to proceed through the training lesson-by-lesson, without being locked into paying for the whole program. Although the discount is higher with the other options, with the Basic Plan option, you can opt out of the training at any time. This option also allows you to pay when it is convenient for you. See all the details on our Program Details page.

How many students do you have at a time? Will I get the individual attention that I need?

I only take so many students at a time so that I can guarantee that you get the necessary support as a student (one-on-one coaching, etc). This type of personalized approach is essential to true intuitive and spiritual development. I'm here to help if you get stuck, or to help you apply this training specifically to your individual life. I didn't get into this work so that I could "mail out lessons." I'm very passionate about what I do and because of my experience, I can make this whole process much easier and successful for you.

Whether through in-person classes or correspondent classes, many people throughout the years have found this program to be powerful and enlightening. We have created many good intuitives and professional healers. Many business owners, humanitarians, and other achievers have used this training to help create their dreams. If this program seems to fit for you, I encourage you to take the step. See complete details of the program:

Intuitive Counseling

Yes Dale, I'm Ready To Take A Powerful Step Towards Boosting My Psychic And Healing Abilities, Getting Control Over My Emotions And Thinking, Breaking The Grips That Others Have On Me, And Learning To Spiritually Manifest What I Want In My Life!

Intuitive Counseling

Yes Dale, I'm Ready To Work Side By Side With You So That I Can Create A Life Full Of More Excitement, Happiness, Achievement, And Awareness!

Dale - I understand that I am getting cutting-edge training, and that I will be able to skip the decades of trial and error of thousands of case studies that it took to gather this program information. Rather than attempting to do this all on my own, I'm looking forward to using your years and years of training, teaching, and experience to help me achieve the results that I want to get.

As A Program Student, I Know That I Will Receive The Following:

  • Powerful, tested methods for developing psychic abilities, healing abilities, and other abilities that go hand-in-hand with a deeper spiritual/metaphysical awareness. These are the same exact methods that other students have used to excel in medical careers, healthier and lasting relationships, businesses, as professional psychics and healers, and more.
  • Effective approaches that will allow me to get incredible control over my emotions and thinking, clear out the effects of past trauma, and break the grips that other people and situations have over me.
  • All of the support that I need to get the most out of the program material. This includes phone, internet, or mail interaction - all with with you personally. As a student, you will provide me with the opportunity to participate in your study groups, where I can ask questions and share my experiences (teleclasses arrangements available for correspondent students).
  • I will also get access to the Private Student Website where I can find tons of helpful information, where I can ask questions and communicate with other students, where I can find audio files of the exercises in the program, video tutorials/animations, and more.
  • Your commitment that you will do your part in making this program the most enlightening experience of my life.

Program Locations

For the most part, I teach the classes through correspondence by internet or postal mail. I have many satisfied students all over the world.

Occasionally, I do teach in-person classes and conferences in the South Florida area.

To take the program through correspondence, see the instructions below. Please contact me for detailed locations, dates, or additional information about in-person classes: Contact Me

Important: If you want to get personal training from me, your best chance is to get enrolled as soon as possible. I only take so many students at a time to guarantee that I am able to offer each of my students one-on-one personalized support (again, I provide this by phone, in-person, email, and online forums). This personal approach is necessary for true psychic and spiritual development.

When I reach the limit of students I will teach, I stop advertising the program and all incoming students are referred to other teachers (there is only a small group of us spread throughout the world).

Life Mastery Program Options

I am committed to providing affordable options for our services. This allows opportunities for growth to individuals in all walks of life, regardless of their financial situations. Why wait any longer?

Take these three easy steps to get enrolled in the program:

  1. Decide your payment method - In the "Payment Methods Accepted" section below, just decide which of the payment method is best for you.

  2. Decide which Program Option you would like - Below, next to the prices, choose which one of the three options is good for you.

  3. Contact me to finalize your enrollment - If paying with PayPal or my Online Order Form, make your payment first and then contact me (see details below). If using any other payment method, see prices below and then contact me. Contact me also for further questions about the program.

Important - if you want to take the program in-person at one of our locations, contact us before making any payments to confirm availability.

Payment Methods Accepted

  1. PayPal - Pay with all Major Credit Cards and Checkcards. This trusted payment option allows you to use PayPal's site to place your order. PayPal allows you to make a purchase without sharing any sensitive information (credit card numbers, etc) with LifeLeap Institute. You can also pay through PayPal by making a transfer to me from your checking account: To use PayPal, click below on a "Buy Now" button.

  2. Provide Your Credit Card Info Over The Phone - I accept All Major Credit Cards and Checkcards. See prices below and then Contact Me.

  3. Send Money Order, Check By Mail, Western Union, or Money Gram - If you pay with any of these methods (including a checking account transfer through PayPal), your payment has to clear before I can provide you this service. I would recommend these payments options as a last resort. For these options, see prices below and then Contact Me.

Life Mastery Program Fees

* For the Life Mastery Program, I require a payment in advance. To use PayPal, click one of the following "BuyNow" buttons. The following three options apply to both in-person and correspondent students.

We are planning to raise the program enrollment fees soon, so please act now to guarantee the prices offered.

Option 1: Basic Plan - $30.00 per lesson (20 lessons in all)

This option allows you to pay lesson-by-lesson for the Life Mastery Program (all 20 written lessons). You get access to our Private Student Area which includes ongoing discussions, a welcoming community of existing students, videos, animations, audio files, and more. You can contact me personally for questions you have about the program. This option does not include the Certification Exam (which is the same price as a lesson) or the Intensive Personal Session.

This option is good if you are hesitant to commit to the whole program and would like to proceed through the training lesson-by-lesson, without being locked into paying for the whole program. Although the discount is higher with the other options, with the Basic Plan option, you can opt out of the training at any time. This option also allows you to pay when it is convenient for you. After a few lessons into the program, we will give you an option to upgrade to the Deluxe or Premium Plan of the program so that you can still receive the extra discounts if desired.

*Intensive Personal Sessions are optional one-on-one sessions with with me which take place towards the end of your training. Intensive, advanced techniques are used to super-boost your psychic and healing abilities, develop your spiritual awareness, and to help you work through any deep-rooted trauma.

To receive an Intensive Personal Session, you simply book an appointment and we conduct the session in-person or over the phone. In-person sessions are preferred, even for correspondent students, but not required (for correspondent students, we will help you make travel arrangements). Intensive Personal Session can be purchased with one of the plans below or they can be purchased separately at a later date.

Option 2: Deluxe Plan - $504.00 (Normally $630.00)
With this discounted plan, you save $126.00

I give you a discounted price with this option because you are purchasing all of the lessons up-front. With this option, you are demonstrating your commitment to the training. This option also requires less administrative time from my staff compared to billing you for every lesson as in the Standard Plan. Because of this, I am able to pass the discounts onto you.

I am always available to students for questions and coaching for the program, regardless of what program option you chose. At the same time, while the Lesson-By-Lesson and Deluxe Plan of the program include occasional consulting with me, if you prefer more extensive one-on-one training, please see the following Premium Plan.

Option 3: Premium Plan - $1785.00 (Normally $2550.00)
With this discounted plan, you save $765.00
Note: Payment Plans Available - Please contact us for further details

This option is for the more serious student. While using the Life Mastery Program as a format, with the Premium Plan, I assist you closely, step by step, through the training; I become your personal mentor..

Compared to the other program options, the main difference of the Premium Plan is that you get 8 full hours of personal coaching from me (just for the consulting fees with me, for this amount of time, I normally charge $1,920.00). The program normally spans over an ten month period, so we break the consulting time up to suit your particular needs

The Premium Plan is good if you want my personal help with achieving the following:

  • Major understanding and control of your own psychic and healing ability
  • Getting your emotions and thinking under your control - instead of you reacting to what is happening to you, you get to call the shots.
  • Deep work on patterns in relationships, career, finances, self esteem – so you can create what you want in life
  • Work on cleaning up any trauma that is still affecting you, even from years ago
  • Ability to comprehend and manage what happens on a deeper metaphysical level with other people - other people influencing you, breaking unwanted connections with others, etc

Each coaching session with me, I psychically diagnose what is occurring in your life and how you can best use your training to get the results that you want, whether in relationships, finances, psychic development, or metaphysical healing. This is similar to what occurs in my Psychic Counseling Service, only better. This is because I'm able to help you on a deeper level as we use the program as a framework for your personal/spiritual growth.

The program is a complete training program in itself. But with the Premium Plan, I use my years of training and experience to help you speed up this process, troubleshoot any issues that arise, and help you to apply what you have learned into your life.

As questions or problems arise, I'm right by your side to show you the way. With the Premium Plan, I do my part to make sure that taking this program is one of the best decisions you've ever made, that this is the most profound experience of your life.

*There are also private in-person classes, an Advanced Program, and a Teacher's Program available. Contact us for further details.

Don't put it off any longer - take the step now to get enrolled in the program. Make a payment above with PayPal or contact me to use a different payment method (credit card, check money order, etc).

Remember, the number of students I will teach at one time is limited, so act now. Contact me also if you have further questions about the Life Mastery Program.