List Of Psychic Abilities & Metaphysical Terms

List Of Psychic Abilities & Metaphysical Terms

list of psychic abilites

The science of Metaphysics and the field of Personal Development both have origins dating back thousands of years. At the same time, these are new concepts for many people - concepts just beginning to make their way into the mainstream.

This short definition list of psychic abilities and metaphysical terms provides you with a summary of many of the concepts relating to metaphysics and personal development.

It can be challenging to comprehend many of these terms unless you have a direct experience of them. Regardless, these definitions make communication of these important ideas possible.

Before you look the the list of psychic abilities, take the time to see this fascinating video from Russell Targ. After receiving his physics degree from Columbia University and managing at Lockheed Martin, Targ worked developed de-classified CIA Stargate project. Stargate was a joint military intelligence project focused on developing and implementing psychic development:

List Of Psychic Abilities


An intuitive ability, but specifically relating to sensing anything of the auditory nature (sounds, names, voices, etc.)


Really a synonym for intuition, but usually also refers to the ability to see or sense things about the future.


Perspective that recognizes the connections between all the elements of life - elements like thoughts, emotions, the physical body, the universal intelligence, etc. Metaphysically drawing events into your life by thinking a certain way, is an example of holism at work.

Holographic Universe

Current theory concerning the nature of the universe. It was first developed by several credible physicists and neuroscientist. It's being contemplated globally by top scientist in every field. In a nutshell, it views reality as more dreamlike than anything else:

Time and space are abstract concepts that stretch and interconnect, rather than concrete measurements. Solid matter is seen as an illusion of perception (it's all just one big hologram). Everything (including all of time) is always connected and interacting. This is a reality that allows for metaphysical experiences to exist (intuition, healing, precognition, etc).


General concept referring to information being received metaphysically (not through the 5 senses). This includes a number of abilities - clairvoyance, precognition, etc. Different people call intuition different things - a hunch, a gut feeling, a psychic ability - these are just a few. A common example of intuition is when a person, for no rational reason, has a sense that someone at distant location is having a unique experience (like a car wreck).

If the person at the distant location did indeed have that experience (the car wreck), what likely happened is intuition. This ability has been proven to exist by many credible establishments like Duke University and the US Army.


Ability to see or sense specific future events before the actually happen without previous knowledge about the event. This commonly occurs in people's dreams, but the information may come in other ways. This ability has also been proven to exist by top universities across the world.

Remote Influence

Very similar to remote viewing, but instead of just seeing or sensing information, the remote viewer influences the event at the distant location. For example, in Princeton University studies, individuals were able to influence physical objects with their minds from distant locations (even from thousands of miles away). In a 20 year time period in over a thousand controlled experiments, participants were able to repeatedly accomplish this feat.

Remote Viewing

The ability to obtain information (pictures, sounds, feelings, etc) from a distant location and/or time period. This is done by using only intuition (receiving information metaphysically). For over 40 years, this skill has been tested, proven, and used by several credible establishments like the US Army, United Nations, Princeton University, Pentagon, and Duke University. All of these establishments have publicly acknowledged their involvement with remote viewing.


A practice usually aimed at developing self-awareness, peace, better health, spiritual awareness, and many other benefits. There are many different types of meditation involving various techniques. It's often misunderstood as only an instruction to "sit still and try not to think." The benefits of mediation are validated by the best establishments across the world.

Metaphysical Abilities

Abilities associated with the hidden aspects of reality. Some examples are intuition, precognition, telepathy, metaphysical healing, remote influence, astral projection, teleportation, etc.

Metaphysical Healing

Healing that results from non-physical (spiritual) methods. Often refers to healing that occurs from one person to another, even over long distances at times (remote healing). All of the abilities have been scientifically proven to exist from credible sources like California Pacific Medical Center.


The science, philosophy concerning the deeper nature of all reality. Considers what is visible, but also what is not visible. Often involves what is occurring on the hidden level of reality. Metaphysics is the aspect of life that allows experiences to exist like intuition, precognition, healing, and remote influence.

Non-linear Time

A scientific understanding that time is different from the concrete way that most people understand it. On the common level of perception, where most people usually operate from, time is perceived as linear. For example, 10:00 was in the past, 11:00 is now, and 12:00 is in the future. But scientist are saying, despite how most people see and experience time, something very different is actually happening.

They have discovered that time is non-linear, that it's not occurring at a certain speed and is not organized in the order as previously understood. Have you ever had dream when you were asleep that seemed like it lasted for hours, and then you woke up and looked at the clock to discover you had only been asleep for a few minutes? These types of experiences help us to see that what we perceive as time is not actually what is always happening.


The scientific understanding that distance is not commonly perceived as it actually exists. For example, most everyone has seen the video racecar driving games at the arcade. When you are sitting at the driver's seat at one these games, looking at the screen, it seems like you are driving down a road, constantly moving from "here" to "there." In all actuality, you aren't going anywhere.

The perception of real-life distance works much in the same way. This explanation of distance, referred to as non-locality, is the newer truth discovered by science. This means that there is no actual distance between "here" and "there." It only seems that way. This helps us to better understand metaphysical experiences that are connected, but happen at great distances (like remote viewing, remote influence, intuition, etc.)v

Field of Personal Development

a personal growth approach that combines techniques from various perspectives like psychology, meditation, and metaphysics. Often includes the practice of visual, mental, and spiritual exercises. Becoming favored by corporations, governments, and celebrities.


The life force also called "ki" or "chi." It's source is the universal intelligence. Prana is the backbone behind metaphysical healing, telepathy, remote influence, and all other metaphysical abilities and experiences. It can be sensed, controlled, and used for various purposes.


The scientific study of the human mind and its functions. Often includes metaphysical experiences. Psychology is also one of the key elements that creates the field of Personal Development.


How conscious someone is of their true character, motives, patterns, beliefs, programming, potentials, emotions, reasoning, purposes, etc.


That concerning the soul, spirit, or what's not visible, rather than the external reality. Often centered around a "universal intelligence" that is connected, influencing, and being influenced by everything and all periods of time.


The ability to metaphysically influence a physical object with the mind. An example would be how some people can turn on light switches form a distance. This ability has been proven by credible establishments like Princeton University. Telekinesis, like a lot of metaphysical abilities, can occur over any distance and from any period of time. For example, a person could telekinetically influence and object 1000 miles away and 2 years in to the future. For security reasons, telekinesis is creating concerns for many governments and corporations.


The metaphysical ability that involves communicating beyond physical means, usually from the mind of one person to the mind of another. An example of telepathy is how loved ones commonly know what each other is thinking, even when they are miles apart. Telepathy had been scientifically proven to be possible from any distance and from any period of time.

Universal Intelligence

An intelligence that connects everything in reality. A part of us that is always connected to everyone and everything. In science, it's often referred to as the "unified field." This intelligence, which contains all of time and all of space, has been scientifically validated from studies in physics, psychology, and mathematics, but especially in the field of quantum physics. This all inclusive intelligence is what allows abilities like intuition, remote viewing, and precognition to exist.

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