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will-i-persue-being-a-woman-in-public1 page
career-81 page
will-i-get-back-together-with-marc1 page
Will I get back together with Marc
will-i-get-louise-my-ex-girlfriend-back1 page
Will i get louise my ex girlfriend back
relationship-341 page
relationship-reconciliation1 page
Relationship reconciliation
life-101 page
relationship-with-ex1 page
relationship with ex
life-81 page
my-relationship-21 page
My relationship
thanks-for-being-accepted-in-the-community1 page
Thanks for being accepted in the community!
hello-231 page
hello (:
im-a-newbie1 page
I'm a newbie!
please-please-help-me-i-really-could-use-some-answers1 page
new-member-21 page
New member
new-member-discovering-my-abilities1 page
New Member. Discovering my Abilities.
hola1 page
hello-221 page
new-here-hello1 page
New here! Hello!
hey-im-need-want-a-reading1 page
Hey im need want a reading
please-no-hate-for-my-lgbt-related-question1 page
Please no hate for my lgbt+ related question!
current-relationship1 page
Current relationship
my-relationship-91 page
My relationship
does-he-really-love-me1 page
Does he really love me
relationship-561 page
pregnant-with-twins1 page
Pregnant with twins
lost-loved-ones1 page
Lost loved ones
what-is-going-on-in-my-life1 page
What is going on in my life?
will-i-mnve-soon1 page
Will i mnve soon
help-141 page
what-does-it-all-mean1 page
What does it all mean?
clarity-31 page
im-a-mess-right-now1 page
I'm a mess right now!
relationship-551 page
creativity-heals1 page
Creativity heals
cycle-of-emotions1 page
cycle of emotions
is-waking-up-real1 page
Is waking up real?
psychic-training1 page
Psychic Training
awakened-more-anxiety1 page
awakened= more anxiety?
repetitive-movement-and-astral-projection1 page
Repetitive movement and astral projection
meditation-tips1 page
Meditation tips
help-i-need-aura-karma-cleansing1 page
Help i need aura karma cleansing
request-for-emotional-and-physical-healing-please-in-desperate-need1 page
Request for emotional and physical healing please in desperate need
love-541 page
my-long-time-boyfriend1 page
My Long Time boyfriend
life-91 page
health-81 page
imagination-or-not1 page
Imagination or Not?
relationshiplove-issues1 page
relationship/love issues
please-help-31 page
please help
new-home1 page
New Home
advice-with-my-ex1 page
Advice with my ex
relationship-41 page
is-it-safe-to-go-ahead-and-communicate-with-my-ex1 page
Is it safe to go ahead and communicate with my ex..
relationships-and-trust-issues1 page
Relationships and trust issues
just-popping-by-to-say-hi-👋1 page
Just popping by to say hi 👋
beginning-my-discovery-of-my-abilities-and-spiritual-transformation1 page
Beginning my discovery of my abilities and spiritual transformation!
nasty-breakup1 page
Nasty breakup
marriage-161 page
does-he-love-me-51 page
Does he love me?
my-daughters-baby-was-stillborn-today1 page
blockage1 page
relationship-advice-21 page
Relationship advice
my-future-61 page
My Future
finance-and-career1 page
Finance and Career
what-am-i-supposed-to-be-doing-stuck-n-lost1 page
What am i supposed to be doing? Stuck n lost
husbands-affair1 page
Husband’s affair
kids-31 page
poetry-publication-in-london1 page
Poetry Publication in London
finding-the-right-job1 page
Finding the right job.
pregnancy-221 page
future-51 page
college-tuition1 page
College tuition
will-my-ex-come-back-21 page
Will my ex come back
soulmates-21 page
ive-lost-a-very-important-family-pet1 page
I've lost a very important family pet
looking-for-validation1 page
Looking for validation
will-i-ever-get-married-21 page
Will I ever get married?
ups-and-down-in-our-relationship1 page
Ups and down in our relationship
love-831 page
premonitions-concerning-my-soulmate1 page
premonitions concerning my soulmate
relationship-501 page
my-academics1 page
My academics
my-wife-has-been-acting-strange1 page
My wife has been acting strange
will-i-become-pregnant-soon-pls-help1 page
Will I become pregnant soon? pls help!
i-have-been-with-my-son-dad-for-3-years-now-and-he-wants-me-to-move-in-with-hi1 page
I have been with my son dad for 3 years now and he wants me to move in with hi
life-161 page
my-ex-101 page
My ex
is-he-unfaithful-or-scared1 page
Is he unfaithful or scared?
my-daughter-31 page
My daughter
health-101 page
career-161 page
soulmate-121 page
wanting-to-know-who-my-childs-biological-father-is1 page
Wanting to know who my child's biological father is
will-ex-come-back1 page
Will ex come back
personal-21 page
will-she-ever-come-back1 page
Will she ever come back??
will-my-ex-ever-come-back1 page
Will my ex ever come back
career1 page
love-issues1 page
Love Issues
will-my-jewelry-crafts-take-off1 page
will my jewelry.crafts take off
my-life-has-been-in-a-stagnation-pattern1 page
My life has been in a stagnation pattern
babys-gender1 page
Baby's Gender
matters-of-the-heart1 page
Matters of the heart
lost-photo1 page
Lost photo
is-my-boyfriend-faithful1 page
Is my boyfriend faithful
confused-about-someone1 page
Confused about someone
am-i-pregnant-41 page
Am I pregnant????
my-current-relationship-21 page
My current relationship
twin-flame-91 page
Twin flame
feeling-lost-21 page
Feeling lost
am-i-waiting-for-no-reason1 page
Am I Waiting For No Reason?
is-the-woman-i-love-now-the-one-im-waiting-for1 page
Is the woman I love now the one I'm waiting for?
will-i-have-to-move-now1 page
Will I have to move now
moving-out-of-state1 page
Moving out of state
new-to-this1 page
New to this
pregnant-51 page
will-rocky-relationship-with-sister-in-law-ever-get-better1 page
Will rocky relationship with sister in law ever get better?
my-relationships1 page
my relationships
married1 page
finances1 page
money-work-a-boyfriend1 page
Money, Work, & A boyfriend
need-to-know-21 page
Need to know
what-are-we-21 page
What are we?
love-and-marriage1 page
Love and Marriage
where-are-you-willow1 page
Where are you Willow?
love-troubles1 page
Love troubles
relationship-and-family1 page
Relationship and family
so-confused-is-it-love-or-am-i-delisional1 page
So confused is it love or am I Delisional?
dreaming-virgo-do-i-need-a-pinch-insight-what-do-you-get-from-us-as-i-cant-read1 page
Dreaming Virgo do I need a pinch? Insight What do you get from us as I cant read
money-and-work1 page
Money and Work
friends-with-benefits1 page
Friends with benefits
interested-in-a-relationship-with-someone-i-like-very-much1 page
interested in a relationship with someone i like very much.
confused-in-my-life1 page
Confused in my life
will-he-come-back-and-when1 page
Will he come back and when!
will-we-reunite1 page
Will we reunite?
career-question1 page
Career question
in-desperate-need-of-help1 page
In desperate need of help
personal-best1 page
Personal Best?
my-love1 page
My love
would-love-guidance1 page
Would love guidance....
in-need-of-guidance1 page
in need of guidance
hello-i-am-new1 page
Hello I am new
hello-im-new1 page
Hello I'm new
hi-141 page
hi-everyone-61 page
Hi everyone
always-on-my-mind1 page
Always on my mind
custody-of-my-kids1 page
Custody of my kids
job-81 page
will-my-academic-appeal-be-accepted1 page
Will my academic appeal be accepted?
please-someone-help-me-im-in-desperate-need-of-spiritual-advice1 page
please someone help me im in desperate need of spiritual advice
love-821 page
love-811 page
christmas-will-daughter-visit1 page
Christmas, will daughter visit?
soul-mate1 page
Soul mate
should-i-talk-to-her1 page
should i talk to her
will-my-ex-love-come-back-to-me-21 page
Will my ex love come back to me
love-801 page
my-ex-81 page
My ex?
finances-21 page
relationship-51 page
repairs1 page
is-a-relationship-necessary1 page
Is a relationship necessary?
lost-a-soulmate1 page
"Lost" a soulmate
deeply-unhappy1 page
Deeply unhappy
relationship-affecting-career-issues1 page
Relationship-affecting-career issues
question-about-america1 page
Question about America
love-question1 page
Love question
have-i-already-met-the-love-of-my-lifetwin-flame-does-he-love-me1 page
Have I already met the love of my life/twin flame? Does he love me?
career-help1 page
Career help
pregnancy-161 page
financial-31 page
will-my-ex-love-come-back-to-me1 page
Will my ex love come back to me
luv1 page
sorting-things-with-my-ex1 page
Sorting things with my ex
relationship-351 page
reunite-with-barney1 page
Reunite with Barney
confused-111 page
lost-pet1 page
Lost Pet
21 page
Lost Pet
do-i-stay-or-leave1 page
Do I stay or leave
a-clear-direction1 page
a clear direction
husband-for-the-keeping-or-let-free1 page
Husband for the keeping or let free??
life-151 page
need-help-with-my-career1 page
Need help with my career
should-i-wait-for-him1 page
Should I wait for him?
back-together1 page
Back together?
who-will-i-meet1 page
Who will i meet?
should-i-give-up-on-him1 page
should I give up on him
wants-a-baby1 page
Wants a baby
my-partner-21 page
my partner
my-family-21 page
My family
is-it-time-to-move-on-21 page
Is it time to move on?
karma-soul-purpose-and-love1 page
Karma Soul Purpose And Love
my-life-in-the-next-3-months1 page
My life in the next 3 months
health-71 page
spirits1 page
doctor-cant-help-have-used-psychics-before1 page
Doctor can't help, have used psychics before
sign-of-soulmate1 page
Sign of soulmate
im-talking-to-my-ex-will-we-get-married-and-have-kids1 page
I'm Talking To My Ex. Will We Get Married and Have Kids?
will-we-reconcile1 page
Will we reconcile
heartbroken1 page
extremely-confused1 page
Extremely confused
life-mastery-program1 page
Life mastery program
am-i-going-to-get-married-and-have-3-children1 page
Am I Going to Get Married and Have 3 Children
pregnancy-141 page
marriage-141 page
will-i-hear-from-him1 page
Will I hear from him?
seriously-worried-how-bad-is-it1 page
Seriously worried...How bad is it?
help-with-my-long-term-crush1 page
Help with my long term crush
summer-romance1 page
Summer Romance
help-please-41 page
Help please
please-see1 page
Please see
future-41 page
desperate-mum1 page
desperate mum
where-do-we-go-from-here1 page
Where do we go from here
will-my-husband-get-the-job-he-interviewed-for1 page
Will my husband get the job he interviewed for?
i-miss-my-ex-with-psychopathic-features-my-head-is-a-mess1 page
I miss my ex with psychopathic features. My head is a mess!
music-and-love1 page
Music and love
help-91 page
ex-boyfriend1 page
Ex boyfriend
marriage-91 page
21 page
is-she-going-to-contact-me1 page
Is she going to contact me
caregiver1 page
life-141 page
make-it-work1 page
Make it work
the-struggle1 page
The struggle
the-person-i-want-to-be-with1 page
The person I want to be with
how-do-we-define-soulmate1 page
How do we define soulmate?
is-he-faithful-or-shudder-i-leave1 page
Is he faithful or shudder I leave
my-crush1 page
My crush
my-ex-71 page
My Ex
revenge1 page
love-761 page
career-21 page
love-life1 page
Love life
light-on-my-way1 page
light on my way
indigo-adult-possibily-really-needs-guidance1 page
Indigo adult possibily really needs guidance
marriage-help-21 page
Marriage help
mauriora-luvlite1 page
MauriOra. Luv@lite
will-i-get-a-chance1 page
Will I Get A Chance?
direction1 page
does-he-miss-me1 page
Does he miss me?
twin-flame-71 page
Twin Flame
babies1 page
my-soulmate-passed-away1 page
My soulmate passed away
what-is-god-trying-to-tell-me1 page
What is God trying to tell me
please-help-121 page
Please help...
is-it-time-to-move-on1 page
Is it time to move on?
when-to-change-career-path1 page
When to change career path
my-so-called-bf1 page
My so called bf
rekindle-love1 page
rekindle love?
finances-life-in-general1 page
Finances, life in general
a-new-job1 page
a new job
family-fixes1 page
Family fixes
love-question-21 page
Love Question
soulmate-101 page
anxiety1 page
love-741 page
will-i-ever-have-enough-money-to-comfortably-support-myself-and-my-kids1 page
Will I ever have enough money to comfortably support myself and my kids?
relationship-451 page
will-pam-come-back-into-my-life1 page
Will Pam come back into my life?
my-daughter-i-need-help1 page
My Daughter - I need help.
will-he-come-home1 page
Will he come home
confused-between-dreams-and-whats-real1 page
Confused between dreams and what's real
help-with-activation1 page
Help with activation
lost-and-confused1 page
Lost and confused
forgiveness1 page
concerned-mum1 page
Concerned mum
relationship-question-71 page
Relationship question
new-work1 page
New Work
im-new-to-this1 page
I'm new to this...
am-i-going-crazy-or-has-this-happened-to-anyone-else1 page
Am I going crazy or has this happened to anyone else?!
looking-for-answers1 page
Looking for answers
love-life-questions1 page
Love Life Questions
tired-of-living-this-way1 page
tired of living this way
something-has-been-bothering-me1 page
Something has been bothering me.
compensation1 page
why-is-he-leaving-me1 page
Why is he leaving me ?
pregnant-41 page
love-731 page
i-cant-decide-what-to-do-with-my-relationships1 page
I cant decide what to do with my relationships
career-and-life-choices1 page
Career and Life Choices
relationships-41 page
i-desperately-need-guidance1 page
I desperately need guidance.
my-relationship-31 page
My relationship
manifesting-true-love-witb-a-specific-person1 page
Manifesting true love witb a specific person
x-factor-audition1 page
X Factor Audition
wanting-to-know-what-the-future-holds-for-me1 page
Wanting to know what the future holds for me?
cherry-ann-greenman-second-opinion-please1 page
Cherry Ann Greenman. Second opinion please.
weird-dreams1 page
weird dreams
lost-item-21 page
Lost Item
pregnant-31 page
life-121 page
will-things-get-better-soon1 page
Will things get better soon?
unsual-symptoms1 page
unsual symptoms
i-want-my-ex-boyfriend-back1 page
I want my ex boyfriend back
dale1 page
is-joe-my-childs-father1 page
Is Joe My Childs father?
is-my-husband-cheating1 page
Is my husband cheating
my-family1 page
My family
please-help-101 page
Please help
anxious-and-scared-for-the-future1 page
Anxious and scared for the future
love-and-will-it-return1 page
Love and will it return
renovations-on-house-in-crows-neat-pass1 page
Renovations on house in Crows Neat Pass
my-daughter-has-a-little-girl-ghost1 page
My daughter has a little girl ghost
will-they-last1 page
Will they last?
my-whole-life-s-mess-what-do-i-do1 page
My whole life s mess what do I do
is-he-cheating-on-me1 page
Is he cheating on me?
relationship-chaps1 page
Relationship chaps
spiritual-21 page
relationship-441 page
ex-boyfriend-and-i1 page
Ex-Boyfriend and I
am-i-finally-on-my-way-to-being-happyloved-like-i-deserve-or-is-it-all-a-lie1 page
Am I finally on my way to being happy/loved like I deserve, or is it all a lie?
marriage-111 page
job-interview1 page
Job interview
dream-interpretations-angelic-numbers1 page
~Dream interpretations & Angelic numbers~
love-671 page
is-it-really-over-between-us1 page
Is it really over between us?
when-will-i-get-job1 page
When will I get job
ma-yes-or-no-question1 page
Ma yes or no question
spiritual1 page
soulmate-91 page
relationship-woes1 page
Relationship woes
will-things-work-out1 page
Will things work out?
outcast1 page
is-my-husband-cheating-or-has-he1 page
Is my husband cheating or has he?
will-it-last1 page
Will it last?
kids-21 page
reconnecting1 page
can-someone-please-help-me-predict-my-future-job1 page
Can someone please help me predict my future job
future-residence1 page
Future residence
my-now-ex-boyfriend-has-left-and-came-back-will-he-again1 page
My now ex-boyfriend has left and came back, will he again?
lovers-return1 page
Lovers Return
divorce1 page
love-661 page
does-my-ex-mean-to-physically-harm-me-desperate-for-some-feedback-please1 page
Does my ex mean to physically harm me? Desperate for some feedback please!
psychic-love-question1 page
psychic love question
family-41 page
finance-41 page
do-you-see-us-having-a-future-and-are-my-loved-ones-guiding-me1 page
Do you see us having a future and are my loved ones guiding me
does-my-ex-mean-me-harm1 page
Does my ex mean me harm?
my-coworker1 page
My coworker
how-to-unbreakable-a-heart1 page
How to unbreak a heart?
im-in-love1 page
I'm in love
my-relationship-with-aaron1 page
my relationship with Aaron
relationship-question-81 page
Relationship question
missing-a-friend1 page
Missing a Friend
please-help-me-21 page
Please help me!!
need-help1 page
need help
relationship-71 page
career-141 page
romance-51 page
will-we-adopt-this-little-one1 page
Will we adopt this little one?
i-made-a-relationship-mistake-how-to-fix1 page
I made a relationship mistake. How to fix?
money-91 page
my-heart-is-broken-life-too1 page
My heart is broken life too
love-641 page
love-631 page
relationship-61 page
im-pregnant1 page
I'm pregnant!
need-your-help-urgent1 page
need your help urgent
please-help-41 page
Please help?
who-hit-my-dads-truck1 page
who hit my dads truck
relationship-431 page
will-i-get-a-house-move1 page
Will i get a house move?
relationship-421 page
what-happened-to-my-engadgement-ring1 page
What happened to my engadgement ring?
a-guy1 page
A guy
my-gut-tells-me-he-is-cheating1 page
My gut tells me he is cheating
what-will-happen-with-e-and-i1 page
what will happen with E and I?
life-111 page
will-me-and-my-boyfriend-of-16-months-work-things-out-and-stay-together1 page
Will me and my boyfriend of 16 months work things out and stay together
romance-41 page
confused-131 page
marriage-question1 page
marriage question
connection-between-us1 page
Connection between us
the-man-i-love1 page
The man I love
this-is-about-a-few-things-i-guess1 page
This is about a few things I guess.
will-he-be-mine1 page
Will he be mine
when-will-my-time-come1 page
When will my time come?
will-we-be-together-21 page
Will we be together??
the-ex-in-my-life1 page
The Ex In My Life
friday-september-the-8th-20171 page
Friday September the 8th 2017
i-hope-to-find-love-in-the-next-5-years-and-get-married-can-i-get-that-bliss1 page
I hope to find love in the next 5 years and get married. Can i get that bliss
weird-dreams-and-family-stuff1 page
Weird dreams and family stuff
the-guy-next-door1 page
The guy next door
marriage-help1 page
Marriage help
relationship-question-21 page
Relationship question
101 page
Relationship question
21 page
Relationship question
31 page
Relationship question
81 page
Relationship question
91 page
Relationship question
41 page
Relationship question
71 page
Relationship question
51 page
Relationship question
61 page
Relationship question
relationship-401 page
will-we-keep-custody-of-our-granddaughter1 page
Will we keep Custody of our Granddaughter
wondering-if-he-is-the-one1 page
Wondering if he is the one
lost-everything-due-to-a-employee-who-embezzled-all-company-funds1 page
Lost everything due to a employee who embezzled all company funds
employmentmoney1 page
narcissist1 page
my-financial-future1 page
My financial future
purpose1 page
baby-fever1 page
Baby fever
just-curious-will-appreciate-anything-you-see1 page
Just curious Will appreciate anything you see
desperate-need-for-answers1 page
Desperate need for answers
career-insight1 page
Career insight
work-21 page
divorce-or-not1 page
Divorce or not
relationship-is-it-real1 page
Relationship is it real
kids1 page
winston-schnauzer-dog1 page
Winston schnauzer dog
i-have-absolutely-no-idea-what-is-going-on-right-now-and-i-need-help1 page
I have absolutely no idea what is going on right now and I need help
will-i-ever-become-a-mother1 page
Will I ever become a mother
will-i-find-a-decent-paying-job1 page
will i find a decent paying job?
hi-121 page
please-help-111 page
please help
scared-he-will-be-unfaithful1 page
Scared he will be unfaithful
i-have-a-stress-please-help1 page
I have a stress please help
love-51 page
reading-request-on-my-love-life1 page
reading request on my love life
41 page
reading request on my love life
21 page
reading request on my love life
31 page
reading request on my love life
communication-from-ex-gf1 page
Communication from ex g/f
liu1 page
lendell-watson-bryant1 page
Lendell , Watson , Bryant
custody-21 page
is-he-not-replying-for-a-reason1 page
Is he not replying for a reason
relationship-381 page
love-611 page
career-121 page
me-21 page
finding-love1 page
Finding love
relationship-371 page
can-some-one-tell-me-if-my-wife-will-come-back-to-me1 page
can some one tell me if my wife will come back to me???
who-is-the-best-for-me1 page
Who is the best for me?
romance-question-any-insight-here1 page
Romance question, any insight here?
stuck-career-and-relationship-wise1 page
Stuck- career and relationship-wise
sinking1 page
need-help-with-the-future1 page
need help with the future
could-someone-answer-a-relationship-question-please1 page
could someone answer a relationship question please?
career-decision1 page
Career decision
concerned-about-a-friend1 page
Concerned about a friend
career-and-family1 page
Career and family
missing-the-family-i-used-to-have1 page
Missing the family I used to have.
love-children1 page
love children
my-daughters-future1 page
My Daughters Future
love-61 page
psychic-question-love1 page
Psychic Question Love?
2-other-women-in-hubbys-life1 page
2 Other Women in Hubby's Life?
benjamin1 page
mike-and-me1 page
Mike and Me
will-my-ex-come-back1 page
Will My Ex Come Back
wondering-what-you-see-for-poor-me1 page
Wondering what you see for poor me
out-of-work-7-months-any-ideas-on-when-i-will-get-a-new-job1 page
Out of work 7 months any ideas on when I will get a new job?
very-lonely1 page
very lonely!!
love-advice1 page
love advice
help-21 page
i-would-like-some-answers-about-my-dead-father-and-evil1 page
I would like some answers about my dead father and evil
love-issues-could-use-some-insights1 page
Love issues, could use some insights
love-life-any-advice1 page
Love life - Any advice?
healing-of-my-life1 page
Healing of My Life
will-i-get-to-be-with-the-man-i-love-now-by-this-year1 page
Will I Get to Be With the Man I Love Now By This Year?
confused-about-love-life1 page
Confused About Love Life!
at-a-loss1 page
At a Loss
will-it-happen-for-us1 page
Will It Happen For Us?
fertility1 page
will-i-find-him1 page
Will I Find Him?
will-she-come-back-in-my-life-again1 page
Will She Come Back in My Life Again?
will-i-find-love1 page
Will I Find Love?
my-son-lost-2001 page
My Son Lost $200! :(
help-31 page
is-he-interested-in-me1 page
Is He Interested in Me?
reading-about-my-health-please1 page
Reading About My Health Please?
my-true-love1 page
My True Love
my-love-life-is-a-mess1 page
My Love Life Is a Mess
great-relationship-article-posted-just-today1 page
Great Relationship Article Posted Just Today
is-it-grief-or-are-we-done1 page
Is It Grief Or Are We Done
best-friends-situation1 page
Best Friends Situation
does-he-love-me-21 page
Does He Love Me?
will-he-be-back-to-me-a-grieving-mom1 page
Will He Be Back to Me-a Grieving Mom
can-someone-help-me1 page
Can Someone Help Me?
will-i-get-a-job-soon1 page
Will I Get a Job Soon?
uncertain1 page
21 page
marriage-21 page
love-in-a-foreign-country1 page
Love in a Foreign Country
relationship-problems1 page
Relationship Problems
i-want-my-ex-back1 page
I Want My Ex Back
reconciliation1 page
what-is-going-on-with-me1 page
What Is Going on With Me?
why-do-i-see-things-differently1 page
Why Do I See Things Differently?
why-does-he-ignore-me1 page
Why Does He Ignore Me?
career-life1 page
Career Life
love-life-31 page
Love Life
confused-in-love1 page
Confused & in Love
my-family-problrms1 page
My Family Problrms
need-psychic-insight-as-we-are-in-a-rough-patch1 page
Need Psychic Insight As We Are in a Rough Patch
im-in-great-need-of-a-psychic1 page
I'm in Great Need of a Psychic
any-psychic-help-would-be-appreciated1 page
Any Psychic Help Would Be Appreciated
insight-into-jim1 page
Insight Into Jim
any-psychic-help-greatly-appreciated-21 page
Any Psychic Help Greatly Appreciated.
psychic-help1 page
Psychic Help
whats-in-store-for-me-after-an-abusive-relationship1 page
What's in Store For Me After An Abusive Relationship?
i-need-help-from-a-psychic-31 page
I Need Help From a Psychic
required-advice-for-a-serious-decision1 page
required advice for a serious decision
i-need-help-from-a-psychic-21 page
I Need Help From a Psychic ?
will-he-return1 page
Will He Return?
is-there-someone-for-me1 page
Is There Someone For Me?
can-i-get-a-reading-new-here1 page
Can I Get a Reading ? New Here :)!
i-just-want-to-know-why1 page
I Just Want to Know Why
alot-of-changes1 page
Alot of Changes
flat1 page
situation-with-my-best-friendsoul-mate1 page
Situation With My Best Friend/soul Mate
life-21 page
relationship-question-91 page
Relationship Question
info1 page
please-help-me-psychic-needed1 page
Please Help Me Psychic Needed
this-year1 page
This Year
i-need-help-from-a-psychic-41 page
I Need Help From a Psychic
job1 page
i-am-lost-in-love1 page
I Am Lost in Love
outcome-of-an-upcoming-interview1 page
Outcome of An Upcoming Interview?
new-love1 page
new love
love-81 page
21 page
reconcile1 page
new-member-in-need-of-a-free-reading-please1 page
New Member-in Need of a Free Reading Please :)
advice-21 page
21 page
does-he-love-me-31 page
Does He Love Me
20131 page
love-question-31 page
Love Question
our-relationship1 page
Our Relationship
finances-31 page
finance1 page
near-future1 page
Near Future?
will-he-ever-ask-me-to-be-his-gf-again1 page
Will He Ever Ask Me to Be His Gf Again?
love-91 page
someone-to-love1 page
Someone to love?
reunited-with-love1 page
Reunited With Love?
can-a-psychic-plz-help-me-plz1 page
Can a Psychic Plz Help Me? Plz? :)
love-121 page
general-reading-please-about-my-carrier1 page
General Reading Please About My Carrier?
my-life1 page
My Life
love-above-all1 page
Love above all
love-21 page
in-need-of-some-good-news1 page
In need of some good news
insights1 page
love-101 page
love-31 page
love1 page
love-111 page
nervous-and-could-use-some-insight-please1 page
Nervous and Could Use Some Insight Please
please-help-51 page
Please Help!
friendship1 page
will-my-husband-want-to-fix-our-marriage1 page
Will My Husband Want to Fix Our Marriage?
will-he-come-back1 page
Will He Come Back?
daughter-and-mum-share-same-birthday1 page
Daughter and Mum Share Same Birthday?
help-needed1 page
Help Needed!
is-he-the-one1 page
Is He the One?
unsure-of-where-this-is-heading1 page
Unsure of Where This Is Heading
a-relationship1 page
A Relationship?
my-future-husband-21 page
My Future Husband
questions-about-a-man-in-my-life1 page
Questions about a man in my life
i-am-at-a-crossroads-in-my-life1 page
I Am At a Crossroads in My Life
light-worker1 page
Light Worker?
my-questions1 page
My Questions
any-psychic-help-greatly-appreciated1 page
Any Psychic Help Greatly Appreciated.
love-71 page
marriage-31 page
confuse1 page
the-love-of-my-life1 page
The Love of My Life!
2-burning-questions-i-have1 page
2 Burning Questions I Have
soulmate-connection1 page
Soulmate Connection
psychic-help-please1 page
Psychic Help Please!
baby-21 page
love-131 page
insights-on-my-life-love-finances-career-etc1 page
Insights on My Life: Love, Finances, Career, Etc
feeling-very-negative1 page
Feeling Very Negative
are-spells-real1 page
Are Spells Real?
matt-and-i1 page
Matt and I
heartbroken-and-waiting1 page
Heartbroken and Waiting
introducing-myself1 page
Introducing Myself
ex-love1 page
Ex Love
sorry-to-ask-again-about-a-man-i-guess1 page
Sorry to Ask Again, About a Man I Guess.
love-151 page
gut-feelings-causing-chaos1 page
Gut Feelings Causing Chaos
could-use-some-insight1 page
Could use some insight
new-member-seeking-relationship-insight1 page
New Member Seeking Relationship Insight
new-here-can-anyone-answer-a-much-needed-urgent-question-ple1 page
New Here Can Anyone Answer a Much Needed Urgent Question Ple
husband1 page
love-question-41 page
Love Question
tra-and-i1 page
Tra and I
will-he-contact-me-in-the-future1 page
Will He Contact Me in the Future?
is-the-universe-trying-to-keep-us-apart1 page
Is the Universe Trying to Keep Us Apart?
love-141 page
money1 page
getting-back-together-with-my-ex1 page
Getting back together with my ex?
me-and-my-ex-boyfriend1 page
Me and My Ex Boyfriend
house1 page
any-new-information-please-help1 page
Any New Information Please Help
old-friend-21 page
Old Friend
can-i-get-my-husband-back1 page
Can I get my husband back?
lawyer-troubles-help1 page
Lawyer Troubles, Help!
psychic-reading-appreciated1 page
Psychic Reading Appreciated
my-ex-jay-hundley1 page
My Ex Jay Hundley
why-people-keep-saying-hes-manipulative1 page
Why People Keep Saying He's Manipulative?
my-godchildren1 page
My Godchildren
torn-between-two-types1 page
Torn Between Two Types
please-help-61 page
Please Help
insights-required-on-my-life1 page
Insights Required on My Life
im-eager-to-know1 page
I'm Eager To Know
possible-business-investment1 page
Possible Business Investment
financial-question1 page
Financial Question
life-31 page
pregnancy-21 page
cliche-love-problem1 page
Cliche love problem
secret1 page
my-lost-love1 page
my lost love
lost-in-love1 page
lost in love !!
i-am-in-a-dilemma1 page
I am in a dilemma
question-about-my-husband1 page
Question about my husband...
love-161 page
my-life-or-what-is-left-of-it-and-of-me-advice-please1 page
My Life Or What Is Left of It and of Me Advice Please
why-do-i-feel-emotionally-numb1 page
Why do I feel emotionally numb
get-out-of-dept1 page
get out of dept
money-situation-21 page
Money situation
can-you-please-please-please-pretty-please-help-me1 page
can you please please please pretty please help me
is-this-the-end1 page
Is this the end?
dani-needs-help1 page
Dani needs help
dealing-with-this-for-2-yrs1 page
dealing with this for 2 yrs
in-love-with-my-friend1 page
in love with my friend
pregnancy-31 page
when-will-my-ex-boyfriend-return-to-me1 page
When will my ex boyfriend return to me?
hi-can-you-help-me1 page
Hi, can you help me?
love-171 page
my-life-love-and-peace1 page
My life ,love and peace
money-situation1 page
money situation
truth1 page
boyfriends-old-side-girl1 page
Boyfriends old side girl
financial-question-21 page
Financial Question
heartache1 page
a-hard-relationship1 page
A hard relationship!
question-about-my-partner1 page
question about my partner
my-ex1 page
my ex
please1 page
can-someone-do-me-an-intuitive-reading-please1 page
Can someone do me an intuitive reading? Please?
i-have-been-single-forever1 page
I have been single FOREVER....
third-marriage1 page
Third marriage
i-was-told-i-have-healing-hands-please-provide-guidance1 page
I was told I have Healing hands...Please provide guidance :)
fertility-and-conception1 page
Fertility and Conception
please-help-my-new-awakened-path1 page
Please help- My new awakened path
very-confused1 page
Very confused!
will-i-hear-from-paul-again-and-why-did-he-disappear1 page
Will I hear from Paul again and why did he disappear?
question-about-a-guy1 page
Question about a guy
family-problems1 page
Family problems!
can-you-tell-me-about-my-future-love-life-please1 page
Can you tell me about my future love life please?
much-needed-help1 page
Much needed help!!
help-41 page
job-21 page
soulmate1 page
broken1 page
if-things-will-get-better-between-me-and-gregory1 page
if things will get better between me and Gregory
will-he-forgive-me1 page
will he forgive me
how-much-to-focus-on-at-once1 page
How much to focus on at once
why-does-my-boyfriend-lie-so-much1 page
Why does my boyfriend lie so much?
my-confusion1 page
My confusion
should-i1 page
should i?
a-hard-relationship-21 page
A hard relationship
past-lives-real-spiritual-experiences1 page
past lives real spiritual experiences
how-much1 page
How much
familylife-question1 page
family/life question
relationship-and-marriage1 page
Relationship and marriage
decisions1 page
relationships1 page
should-i-continue-on-with-the-relationship-or-walk-away1 page
should I continue on with the relationship or walk away
car-troubles1 page
car troubles.
relationship-and-love-21 page
Relationship and love
work-and-the-coming-year1 page
Work and The Coming Year....
will-get-pregnant-soon1 page
will get pregnant soon
love-181 page
help-me1 page
Help me
will-i-get-pregnant-soon1 page
Will I get pregnant soon?
dance-or-not1 page
Dance or not
is-my-destiny-determined1 page
is my destiny determined?
love-question-51 page
love question
am-i-crazy1 page
Am I crazy?
romance-31 page
romance-21 page
money-21 page
just-wondering1 page
just wondering
trying-to-find-my-soulmate-and-develop-my-psychic-abilities1 page
Trying to find my soulmate and develop my psychic abilities
get-my-love-back1 page
get my love back
reconciling-a-broken-marriage1 page
Reconciling a broken marriage
living-situation1 page
living situation
4-years-of-wondering1 page
4 years of wondering
find-lost-item1 page
find lost item
relationship-difficulty1 page
Relationship difficulty
my-finances1 page
My Finances
broken-heart1 page
Broken Heart
heartbroken-and-confused-need-healing-and-advice1 page
heartbroken and confused. need healing and advice.
relationship-and-love-triangle1 page
Relationship and Love Triangle
i-need-guidance-21 page
I need guidance
soulmate-return1 page
Soulmate return
a-close-friend1 page
A close Friend
move-or-stay-love-life1 page
Move or stay? Love life
rest-of-my-life-decision1 page
Rest of my life decision
why-does-this-keep-happening1 page
Why does this keep happening.
missing-cat1 page
Missing cat
relationship-and-love-31 page
relationship and love
trying-to-get-there1 page
trying to get there
career-and-love-life1 page
career and love life
moved-reply-to-read-before-asking-any-psychic-questions-in-a-post1 page
Moved: Reply To: Read Before Asking Any Psychic Questions In A Post
my-lost-love-or-so-it-seems1 page
my lost love or so it seems
love-191 page
what-can-i-do-to-get-my-ex-back1 page
What can I do to get my ex back?
spirit-partnerhusband1 page
Spirit Partner/Husband.
love-211 page
spiritual-help1 page
Spiritual help
relationship-91 page
health1 page
what-is-causing-my-health-problems1 page
what is causing my health problems
relationship-101 page
career-question-31 page
Career Question
relationship-81 page
career-question-21 page
Career Question
a-little-bit-of-help1 page
a little bit of help
children1 page
business-decision1 page
Business decision
hi-hello-can-you-please-please-please-help-me-with-a-life-or-death-question1 page
hi hello can you please please please help me with a life or death question
domestic-abuse1 page
Domestic abuse
just-a-thought1 page
just a thought: -)
health-i-suppose1 page
health i suppose
health-issue-21 page
Health Issue
want-to-be-with-someone-who-truly-loves-me1 page
want to be with someone who truly loves me
change-for-the-better1 page
change for the better
suspended-from-my-job1 page
suspended from my job
having-a-child1 page
having a child
family1 page
love-201 page
the-love-of-my-lifeex-husband-relationship1 page
The love of my life/ex-husband relationship
transit1 page
me-and-my-ex-the-love-of-my-life1 page
Me and my ex the love of my life
my-ex-21 page
my ex
love-231 page
will-i1 page
Will I
on-tuesday-january-26th1 page
On Tuesday January 26th,
love-241 page
destiny1 page
right-girl1 page
Right girl
relationship-direction1 page
Relationship direction
relationship-problem1 page
relationship problem
lost-in-a-relationship1 page
lost in a relationship
love-direction1 page
Love direction
my-financial-situation1 page
my financial situation
i-hope-some-one-here-can-help-me-by-their-answer1 page
I hope some one here can help me by their answer
my-job1 page
My job
looking-for-guidance1 page
Looking for guidance
my-supervisor1 page
my supervisor
will-i-have-a-child-soon1 page
Will I have a child soon
lost1 page
what-the-heck-happened1 page
What the heck happened?
relationship-career1 page
Relationship & Career
love-221 page
my-husbsnd1 page
my husbsnd
winter-summer-stormy-weather-21 page
winter summer / stormy weather
winter-summer-stormy-weather1 page
winter summer / stormy weather
my-husband1 page
My husband
ex-girlfriend1 page
Ex girlfriend
doctor1 page
what-on-earth-is-going-on-with-me1 page
What on earth is going on with me?
creepy-omen1 page
Creepy Omen
money-31 page
challenges-in-florida1 page
challenges in Florida
psychic-tips-pdf-transcript-download1 page
Psychic Tips - Pdf Transcript Download
im-cheating-despite-its-against-everything-i-hate-why1 page
I'm cheating despite its against everything I hate. Why?
love-271 page
decisions-21 page
twin-flames-or-just-a-relationship-to-learn-from1 page
Twin Flames? Or just a relationship to learn from?
repeated-nickname-jj1 page
repeated nickname JJ
broke-and-confused1 page
Broke and confused
get-a-dozens-of-free-psychic-readings1 page
Get dozens of free psychic readings
lonely-and-scared1 page
Lonely and scared
damaged1 page
i-feel-we-are-supposed-to-be-together-but-is-it-true1 page
I feel we are supposed to be together but is it true?
broken-lost-and-confused-with-questions-and-guidance1 page
Broken, Lost and Confused With Questions and Guidance.
love-251 page
wheres-my-dads-car-keys1 page
Wheres my dads car keys
what-to-do-about-love1 page
what to do about love
past-lifes-and-soul-mate-questions1 page
Past Life's and Soul Mate questions.
love-triangle1 page
Love triangle
clues1 page
work1 page
happiness1 page
need-help-21 page
Need help
soulmate-31 page
have-i-lost-my-love1 page
Have I Lost My Love?
question1 page
soulmate-21 page
in-search-of-guidance-and-help1 page
In search of guidance and help
my-sister1 page
My sister
stability-and-pregnancy1 page
Stability and pregnancy
looking-for-insight1 page
Looking for insight
in-need-of-advice-thanks1 page
In need of advice! Thanks!! :)
unit-and-unity1 page
unit and unity
please-help-71 page
please help
when-can-i-expect-my-divorce-to-be-over1 page
When can I expect my divorce to be over?
love-hurts1 page
Love hurts
have-i-met-my-future-husband1 page
Have I met my future husband?
bf1 page
will-i-hear-from-him-again1 page
Will I hear from him again!!!
my-health1 page
my health
moving1 page
love-love1 page
lost-an-item1 page
Lost An Item
money-41 page
heartbroken-in-a-million-pieces1 page
HeartBroken in a million pieces...
real-future-commitment1 page
real future commitment
life-41 page
employment1 page
soulmate-41 page
confused-41 page
my-husband-and-who-else1 page
right-decision1 page
Right decision
is-he-sleeping-around1 page
Is he sleeping around?
why-does-he-want-to-have-this-talk-in-person1 page
Why does he want to have this talk in person?
am-i-pregnant-21 page
Am I pregnant
love-281 page
life-is-big1 page
Life is big
will-adele-and-i-get-back-together1 page
will Adele and I get back together
will-he-ever-want-to-be-with-me1 page
Will he ever want to be with me?
what-are-we1 page
What are we?
cheated-on1 page
Cheated on
are-we-over1 page
Are we over ?
communication1 page
life-in-general1 page
Life in general
who-should-i-be-with1 page
Who should I be with
has-he-cheated1 page
Has he cheated?
im-confused-21 page
I'm confused
life-path1 page
Life path
i-need-to-know-if-he-is-being-honest-about-his-feelings1 page
I need to know if he is being honest about his feelings
money-and-career1 page
Money and career
career-31 page
are-things-going-to-work-out-between-him-and-i1 page
Are things going to work out between him and I?
pregnancy-41 page
feeling-discouraged1 page
Feeling discouraged
life-partner-and-life-path1 page
life partner and life path
in-love1 page
In love
does-he-or-doesnt-he1 page
Does he or doesn't he?
will-sean-be-withme1 page
will sean be withme
need-some-insight1 page
Need some insight
will-he-messege-me-back1 page
Will he messege me back
is-it-over1 page
Is it over?
hey-21 page
confused-51 page
please-help-81 page
please help
love-301 page
extramarital1 page
job-41 page
current-life-situation-psychic-scam1 page
Current life situation/ psychic scam
love-291 page
love-and-money1 page
Love and money
need-to-know1 page
Need to know
will-i-ever-get-married1 page
Will I ever get married?
are-we-done-and-when-will-she-contact-me1 page
Are we done and when will she contact me
lost-love1 page
Lost Love
hi-my-name-is-elaine1 page
Hi my name is elaine
should-i-stay-in-america1 page
Should I stay in America?
money-51 page
in-love-with-a-boy1 page
in love with a boy.
life-51 page
trying-for-3-years1 page
Trying for 3 years
has-he-found-someone-new1 page
Has he found someone new?
love-311 page
missing-cat-21 page
Missing cat
what-will-happen1 page
What Will Happen?
recent-break-up1 page
Recent break up
single1 page
love-advice-21 page
Love advice
relationship-question-101 page
Relationship Question
learning-more1 page
Learning more
life-difficulty1 page
Life Difficulty
ghost-demon1 page
Ghost? Demon? ????
i-have-a-difficult-love-situation1 page
I have a difficult love situation
21 page
I have a difficult love situation
timeline1 page
help-me-please1 page
help me please
im-unsure-if-he-even-has-feelings-for-me1 page
I'm unsure if he even has feelings for me
so-sad-i-need-insight-please1 page
So sad, I need insight please
hi-my-name-is-elaine-21 page
hi my name is elaine
unsure1 page
she-says-i-annoy-her1 page
she says I annoy her
should-i-ask-him-out1 page
should i ask him out?
when-will-my-daughter-breakup-with-her-current-boyfriend1 page
When will my daughter breakup with her current boyfriend
struggling1 page
what-can-i-do-to-help-him1 page
What can i do to help him
important-is-he-doing-heroin1 page
IMPORTANT is he doing heroin
i-cant-move-on-without1 page
I cant move on without
relationship-121 page
possible-relationship-urgent1 page
Possible Relationship URGENT
chest1 page
one-answer1 page
one answer
help-61 page
struggling-with-direction-in-my-life1 page
Struggling with direction in my life
help-please-21 page
what-happened-to-my-mom1 page
what happened to my mom?
relationship-111 page
trying-to-learn-how-to-be-an-intuitive-reader1 page
Trying to learn how to be an intuitive reader
career-guidance-question1 page
Career Guidance Question
how-can-i-fix-this1 page
How can i fix this
in-love-with-someone-i-know-for-four-years1 page
In love with someone I know for four years
child-question1 page
Child question
career-question-41 page
Career Question
will-it-ever-happen1 page
Will it ever happen?
who-should-i-be-with-21 page
Who Should I Be With
lost-21 page
hi-my-name-is-elaine-31 page
hi my name is elaine
defeated-ready-to-walk1 page
Defeated ready to walk.
wondering-21 page
how-does-he-feel-about-me-21 page
how does he feel about me
job-31 page
please-help-91 page
Please help!
love-261 page
firearm-rights1 page
firearm rights
now-what1 page
Now what?
relationship-141 page
hi-i-want-my-ex-back-please-tell-me-how-to-get-my-ex-back1 page
hi i want my ex back please tell me how to get my ex back
will-things-work-out-in-my-long-distance-relationship1 page
Will things work out in my long distance relationship?
when-will-we1 page
When will we?
animal-intuitive1 page
Animal intuitive
love-321 page
treasure-hunting1 page
Treasure Hunting
a-healthy-longterm-relationship1 page
A Healthy longterm relationship
persons-attitude1 page
Person's attitude
tim-and-i1 page
Tim and I
relationship-131 page
will-he-come-back-home1 page
Will he come back home?
separated-from-long-time-love-21 page
Separated from long time love
separated-from-long-time-love1 page
Separated from long-time love
since-im-working-on-me-now1 page
Since im working on me now....
looking-to-find-out-spirits-guides-names-and-my-souls-purpose1 page
Looking to find out spirits guides names and my souls purpose
searching-true-love1 page
Searching true love
relationship-161 page
old-or-new-love1 page
Old or new love.
a-possible-comeback1 page
A possible comeback?
what-should-i-do-about-my-friend-who-i-am-in-love-with1 page
What should I do about my friend who I am in love with?
will-he-come-back-21 page
Will he come back?
is-he-coming-back1 page
Is he coming back?
relationship-and-where-im-living1 page
where-good-does-my-future-hold1 page
Where good does my future hold?
is-he-terminally-ill1 page
Is he terminally ill?
i-broke-up-with-my-boyfriend-and-father-of-my-son1 page
I broke up with my boyfriend and father of my son
will-boyfriend-come-back-home1 page
Will boyfriend come back home
relationship-151 page
please-help-did-i-screw-this-up-can-i-fix-it1 page
Please help did I screw this up can i fix it
love-life-41 page
Love life
firearm-rights-21 page
firearm rights
soulmate-51 page
whats-going-on-with-mindy-is-she-still-cheating1 page
What's going on with Mindy is she still cheating
my-boyfriend-died1 page
my boyfriend died.
pregnancy-51 page
a-great-thing-lost1 page
A Great Thing Lost?
problem-with-my-brother-in-law1 page
Problem with my brother-in-law!
when-will-it-happen1 page
When will it happen?
guidance-please1 page
Guidance please!
how-can-i-make-his-visit-better1 page
How can I make his visit better
my-relationship-has-changed1 page
my relationship has changed
how-will-my-career-be-like1 page
how will my career be like
i-need-clarification1 page
I need clarification
a-better-understanding-of-the-situation1 page
A better understanding of the situation
should-i-move-to-another-country1 page
Should I move to another country
windfall1 page
career-advice1 page
Career advice
k1 page
relationship-advice1 page
Relationship advice
relationship-181 page
reconcile-love1 page
Reconcile love
multiverse-question1 page
multiverse question
will-i-ever-find-someone1 page
Will I ever find someone?
good-psychic1 page
Good psychic
my-marriage-31 page
My Marriage
what-caused-a-sudden-behavior-change1 page
What caused a sudden behavior change
another-psychic-said1 page
Another psychic said
alberta-girly1 page
Alberta Girly
my-marriage-21 page
My marriage
spiritual-attack-keeping-me-from-my-soul-mate1 page
Spiritual attack keeping me from my soul mate.
marriage-51 page
feeling-lost-in-my-love-life1 page
Feeling lost in my love life.
ive-never-felt-such-a-strong-immediate-connection-like-this-before1 page
I've never felt such a strong immediate connection like this before
will-i-find-love-21 page
will i find love
looking-for-love1 page
Looking for love
requesting-a-reading-for-my-paralysis-in-life1 page
Requesting a reading for my paralysis in life!
what-is-my-life-path-what-did-i-contract-to-do-in-the-akashic-record1 page
What is my life path. What did I contract to do in the Akashic record?
rekindle-a-relationship1 page
Rekindle a relationship
i-want-to-become-a-successful-person 1 page
I want to become a successful person
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