How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

Chakras map - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

Want to know how to really open your chakras? If you aren't familiar with them, the chakras are energy centers within the body. They have been recognized by almost every major religion and spiritual path, dating back 3,000 years.

If you truly care about spiritual awareness, experiencing a deeper connection with the people you love, and attracting what you want - developing the chakras must be a top priority.

AND the process of opening chakras is exciting, blissful, and empowering. If you want to achieve more and have a life which isn't mediocre, you are missing out if you aren't working with the chakras.

Chakra is a Sanskrit term with means “wheel.” Probably because many people sense the chakras as "spinning wheels" within their physical bodies. And everybody has them – this includes you. And they are already open to some degree, or you wouldn't exist.

Where are the chakras located? Do you know that pit you feel in your stomach when fear overwhelms you? Guess what? That's a location of one of your chakras. This is because the chakras are the physical locations within our human bodies where we feel heavy emotions.

Chakras are also directly connected to many of the imbalances we experience as human beings. These imbalances can include physical sickness, emotional issues, communication issues, relationship challenges, and sexual issues.

Working with the chakras can fix many of these issues. Opening the chakras can even keep you from having an early death - this process can extend your life. And that's a good thing, right?

But Chakras Are So Much More...

Chakras are what connect our physical bodies to the spiritual universe.

Imagine if your computer or smart phone WAS NOT connected to the internet. Without the internet, computers stink don't they? Chakras work similarly, but in a much more profound way. Chakras allow you to tap into a greater universal force.

Many incredible benefits occur when you work to open the chakras:

  • Mind-blowing psychic abilities, such as super-sharp intuition - this WILL make your life so much easier

  • The ability to connect with the people you love on an incredible level - they'll feel it too (this can save a relationship or marriage from failing)

  • More power to spiritually attract what you want in life - start finally getting what you want in your love life, wealth, etc

  • A direct awareness of God, the Universe, the Divine - instead of reading or thinking about it, you experience it

  • The ability to influence and heal others on a spiritual level - gives you a powerful edge to make things happen

  • A life full of more excitement, joy, and clarity - say goodbye to mediocrity and confusion

In a nutshell, working with the chakras is one of the fastest ways to enhance different psychic abilities, gain the power to spiritually manifest what you want, and achieve the happiness you deserve in life. That's what you want isn't it?

All of this may seem crazy or completely unbelievable but remember - chakras have been acknowledged for over 3,000 years. Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism - they all embrace the chakras. And it's for a serious reason.

And when opening the chakras to a greater degree, you can measure the results. You don't have to live on blind faith, doing something for years that seems foolish.

With the right method, you will likely see a change in weeks, if not days. Maybe it's a greater spiritual awareness or maybe it's an enhanced psychic ability. Regardless, you can measure the results and prove it to yourself.

How Do You Open The Chakras?

crystal - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

Do a few Google searches or make a visit to the bookstore (or Amazon these days) and you'll find all types of “experts” telling you exactly how to open each chakra. You'll find all different kinds of approaches:

  • Putting specials crystals on each chakra

  • Listening to recorded sounds (binaural beats)

  • Using a certain scent of essential oil

  • Specific yoga postures which involve contorting your body

  • Eating certain foods

  • Saying certain mantras (repetitive sounds)

  • Rubbing the physical locations of your chakras with your hands

  • Specific breathing techniques

Maybe you've tried some of these techniques? If so, how did they work out for you? Did you become a super-psychic? Did you find it easier to spiritually manifest all the things you want in life?

If you're like most people, you either got limited or no results with these approaches.

Crystals are "pretty" and they do tend to hold some stored energy. And yoga is actually good for you. Essential oils smell great. But when it comes to opening the chakras, these things aren't likely to work on a significant level.

These approaches are likely to frustrate and discourage you more than anything. I'm not trying to insult anybody. This is what I've learned by working with thousands of people over the years. I've had too many people tell me how these methods just don't work.

So How Do You Really Open The Chakras?

We're going to get to that, but first a little personal background info. I'm just an average person. I don't come from generations of psychics. I was not born with a "gift" or psychic advantage over anyone else.

But using specialized training (some of which you will soon learn), I went from having a boring life to achieving full-blown spiritual abilities and awareness.

police 2014 - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works "Dale hit the nail on the head. He is precise and accurate. I had an unsolved case in a sealed envelope. Dale was able to pinpoint the crime and the suspects name. He has been correct with my personal readings."

sharron1a - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

Using psychic abilities, I've worked directly with law enforcement agencies on cases involving missing persons, serial killers, and cases involving some other really bad people. And I've been successful at cracking a number of cases when the police were at standstill - with armed officers hovering over me the same room. That was some serious pressure!

I've had thousands of clients over the years - celebrities, business owners, professionals, you name it.

I've been tested numerous times in controlled environments, and I've been able to turn psychic-based abilities on and off at will.

I received my training from two primary sources – unique individuals who provided psychic-based consulting to the FBI, CIA, NASA, the US Air Force, and at least three US Presidents. This is no joke!

I've been interviewed by ABC News, Psychic Detective and other numerous news agencies for my accomplishments.

I've trained others who started with zero ability, who then became professional psychics, healers, and great achievers. I have students working as full-time professional psychics, some of which are pretty darn successful.

My students have been CEOs of some large successful companies, law enforcement officers, surgeons, attorneys, and some other really smart people. Some of my students have become deeply involved in metaphysical development, while some have used my training to just improve their lives on a more basic level.

Do I have your attention yet?

My point is that some of what I'm going to share with you just might have some weight to it. It just might be worth your time to give it a try.

Let's Get Started

To work with the chakras, you're first going to need to know their locations and what purpose they serve. Here's a list of the seven primary chakras with corresponding mandala symbols. There are other minor chakras, but the major ones listed below are the priority for developing spiritual awareness and abilities.

For what you're going to learn, don't worry, you don't need to memorize the mandala symbols (I just included them because they just look nice):

Sahasrara Mandala - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

1. Crown Chakra - Located at the top of the head. This chakra is associated with an awareness of the divine, the universe, or the all-encompassing spiritual force (some physicists refer to this as the Unified Field).

This chakra can be compared to the main water valve on a house. The main water valve supplies water to all the faucets. This chakra supplies power to all your other chakras. Without proper awareness and development of this chakra, progress with the other chakras may be limited.

Whether your focus is developing psychic ability, spiritually manifesting what you want in your life, spiritual healing, or any other metaphysical ability, working with this Chakra should be a priority.

Ajna Mandala - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

2. Brow Chakra - Sometimes referred to as the Pineal Chakra or the Third Eye. The location of this chakra is usually sensed about one inch above and one inch behind the eyebrows, in the center of the forehead.

Gaining a greater awareness and developing this chakra results in the following:

  • Clairvoyance

  • Ability to psychically see visual phenomena

  • Ability to psychically perceive at distant locations

  • Astral projection

  • Greater clarity when dreaming

  • Other visual related phenomena

  • Ability to perceive backwards and forwards throughout time

Vishuddha Mandala - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

3. Throat Chakra - Located in the center of the throat. If you swallow, this will give you an indication of the location.

Working with this chakra opens up clairaudience, or your ability to sense psychic-based auditory phenomena. For example, when you focus your attention on someone, you may hear their name or the name of other people around them (without having previous knowledge of these things).

You can also experiment with psychically listening into conversations at distant locations.

Being able to understand the sounds of animals and babies is often associated with the development of this chakra. And of course, if you have an interest in auditory communicating with those in spirit (deceased people, etc.), this is a good chakra to concentrate your attention.

Anahata Mandala - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

4. Heart Chakra - Usually sensed in the middle of the chest. It's often felt as warmth or a pressure.

Gaining an awareness of and developing this chakra will help you to connect on a deeper level with others. We're talking about an ability to feel love for others that you've never experienced before.

And this love that radiates from you is contagious. Your spouse, relationship partner, and other people will sense this and react in a positive way. This is one of the best steps you can take to save or improve a relationship.

Manipura Mandala - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

5. Solar Plexus Chakra - Located in the center of the waistline area. It is normally one of the easier chakras for most people to sense - “a pit in my stomach,” “a gut feeling...”

The ability to spiritually heal yourself and others is associated with the awareness and development of this chakra. For example, many healers will generate energy within this chakra and flow it out through the hands to the person being healed. There is a lot of credible research proving this works. Many mainstream nursing schools teach similar approaches because of how effective it can be with patients.

Remember, if these types of skills are important to you, make sure to also spend a good amount of time working with the Crown Chakra.

Swadhisthana Mandala - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

6. Pelvic Chakra – Located near the ovaries in women and near the testicles in men. Working with this chakra enables the ability to control sexual energy (open it up and close it down). Like all the chakras, when you gain a greater awareness of the chakra within yourself, you also gain an awareness of other people's chakras.

This being said, you may be surprised how some people use this chakra in seemingly inappropriate situations (in work environments, in friendships, etc). I could tell you some stories!

The pelvic chakra is also associated with telekinesis, or the ability to move physical objects. If you work with this chakra enough, you can do things such as move a pencil across a table, turn on a light switch from across the room, and other similar feats. I kid you not, I've actually seen this occur on many different occasions.

The phenomenon is related to the Observer Effect, defined by Quantum Physics. This is another ability which has been confirmed by research at major universities, such as Princeton University.

Moving small objects isn't such a big deal (although it will freak out a lot of people). Sometimes it's easier just to turn the light switch on with your hand. But the experience is empowering. It demonstrates how incredible reality can be - this is something that you carry into every other area of your life.

Muladhara Mandala - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

7. Root Chakra – Usually sensed in the perineum, or groin area. That is the section of skin between the two legs. Its location is also associated with being at the base of the spine.

Developing this chakra opens up a deep spiritual understanding, especially relating to how the physical and spiritual universes work together.

This chakra is also the starting point for Kundalini energy, or the serpent energy acknowledged in many systems of yoga. Working with Kundalini energy can lead to a major life transformation. We're talking about high-level spiritual awareness and abilities.

Now that you are familiar with the locations of the chakras and what purpose each chakra serves, let's look at a step-by-step approach to open each chakra.

Get Your Mind Clear First

woman computer screen4 - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

When working to open the chakras, you need to be able to concentrate. To have an occasional thought it one thing, but your mind can't be jumping around like a wild monkey. So how do you achieve this?

Here is a simple exercise that will help. I still use it. You can do this separate from the following chakra exercises, or you can do the exercise while in the middle of a chakra exercise (if your mind starts to wander).  

Close your eyes, and in your mind's eye, imagine your thoughts as text going by on a computer screen or maybe as bubbles floating by you. This helps to get yourself "out of thought" to where you are observing your thoughts, instead of being immersed in them. There's a big difference between these two mental states.

Each time a thought pops out of your mind, just watch it go by. And then when another thought pops out, watch it go by. Just keep doing this over and over.

This simple exercise helps you to disconnect from your thoughts. And you will notice, if you stop feeding the “thought machine,” it will get tired of creating new thoughts. With some practice, you can use this exercise to reach a state of little or no thought. Again, this is important if you want to get the most out of working with the chakras.

By the way, this exercise that will help you in more ways than just the chakras. It's a great stress reducer. It will also help you develop intuition. As you can imagine, intuitive insights tend to come into the mind when it's clear. For example, when I work with a client in my Intuitive Counseling sessions, I shut my mind down where there is no thought. And then I go digging for the psychic insights that I need to help the person.

Chakra Exercises - Easy Method For Opening Each Chakra

Now comes the good part. And you're going to be surprised at how simple these exercises will be for you. Here are the basics:

The best method we have found for gaining awareness of each individual chakra is simply a matter of focusing your attention. Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed. Pick the chakra of your choice from the list above and hold your attention within the chakra.

I know it sounds cheesy, but you need to "be" the chakra.

When you are concentrating on each chakra, you want to take all your attention, and focus it at the location of the chakra.

For example, when working with the brow chakra, you want to imagine being about an inch above and behind your eyebrows. Imagine being a little person or a security camera at this location. Trust me - you can do this. The goal is to be in the chakra without bringing your personality, your identity, or anything else which defines who you are.

mannequin - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

When working with a chakra, you can imagine what it would look like if you were in your body, and your body was a hollow shell (such as a mannequin). I know it seems strange, but give it a try.

From the viewpoint of the chakra, you can look around and observe your facial structure from that perspective (within you/the mannequin). Notice the curve of your forehead, how deep your eye sockets are sunk in, and look down and see the shape of your nose from this perspective. This is a simple exercise which some people find helpful.

This exercise starts off as imagination, but eventually it will help you to gain true awareness of the chakra.

How often you work with the chakra exercises depends on how fast you want to grow and how much personal time you are willing to invest.

When working with each chakra, take at least 20 minutes and hold your attention at the location of the chakra. Imagine that everything you are is in this location. It's a tough exercise if you're impatient like me, but it's worth it.

A good way to approach this is to pick a chakra and work with it for a period of a couple weeks, maybe even a month or two. For example, start with two twenty-minute sessions per week.

Eventually, you can take one good hour session per week to work with a chakra. In fact, too much more than this may result in an accelerated growth rate which can be uncomfortable for the average individual. 

To accomplish the chakra exercises effectively, you need to be able to hold your attention within each chakra for a reasonable amount of time without being distracted.

Some wavering from the exercise is okay. But if your attention is constantly being pulled in other directions, try using the thought exercise mentioned earlier to get control over your thoughts and attention.

And if you start doubting yourself, ignore the "doubt" and keep on going. This is common. Allow me to put "doubt" its proper perspective using an acronym: Doubt is...


Many meditation systems recommend that you visualize different colors when working with different chakras. Although you can experiment with this, we have not found this to be very important, if at all necessary. Just to keep it simple, you might find visualizing the chakras as white lights to be more than adequate.

You're Kidding! Is This It?

As crazy as it may seem, this the exercise in a nutshell. When my teacher first introduced me to this method, I was skeptical. It seemed a little ridiculous to me. How boring!

But I knew my teacher had tested this method in project with the US Air Force. They used over 2,000 soldiers on 5 different Air Force bases to determine if this method really worked. Heck, the technique was MILITARY-GRADE, so I gave it a try.

A Funny Quick Little Story About Chakras...

One of the first chakras I experimented with was the throat chakra. I was in my 20's at the time.

I did the exercise. It seemed weird to me. Holding my attention in my throat for an hour? What the heck - what's the harm in trying.

Of course, my mind was wandering. And the exercise was a little boring. This was a whole hour of my life we're talking about! I really started to wonder if I was just wasting my time. But I stuck with it.

funny chakra - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

I remember very clearly the second time I did the exercise. Shortly after, I left my house and went to a coffee shop to get a snack. I "found myself" sitting next to cute young lady who was doing some homework (I lived in a college town).

I thought I heard her say something to me, so I asked her what she said. She gave me a look of confusion along with "I didn't say anything."

I replied with "I thought you said you were going to go home and eat some bananas."

Suddenly, she turned white as a ghost. She shot up and quickly gathered her belongings. As she was leaving, she gave me one last look and said "I didn't say that, but it's what I was thinking." And off she went.

Well, I lost the chance for a date. But I gained something even better. I couldn't stop thinking...

Wow! I do this silly exercise just a couple times and I get THIS result?

I was sold. Not only was the ability exciting, I could see how it would make my life so much easier. Sure, I would have to be ethical about how I used it. But being able to "really know" what's going on inside someone could be very helpful. It could literately save me SO much time, energy, and suffering. Knowing what's going on behind the scenes is a powerful ability.

I also learned an important lesson that day. You must be careful about how you demonstrate abilities. No kidding! Not everyone is open to this type of thing. It will freak some people out. Abilities like this should only be demonstrated when it's appropriate. But I could deal with that challenge.

The experience I had that day at the coffee shop was motivating for me. I'm a bit impatient, and I don't like wasting my time doing things that don't get me results. But the method obviously worked for me. I could see the result. It was too specific to be just a coincidence.

So I dove into working with the other chakras. And I continued to get results. After over 25 years, I still do this exercise regularly - because it works. And I'm always uncovering new levels of spiritual awareness and abilities. I'm continually discovering how I can use these things to improve my own life and to help others. It's been quite a journey.

I see this as the process of using that other 90% of the brain that most people never bother with.

Why deny myself of this? Why would you deny yourself of this?

Chakra Exercises - Points To Consider

Various factors can sometimes slow down your development when working with the chakras. For example, if a strict religious background has left you with serious judgments, this may slow down your progress with any type of spiritual development. Stress, anxiety, and any other "out of control" emotions can also stall your progress. But there are ways to deal with this.

Also, these exercises can make you a little spacey. This is why, when you are done with the exercise, you want to do something which "grounds" you. Do something which requires the use of your physical body. Take a shower, do some dishes, or take a walk. Working in the garden is my favorite grounding technique. It also gets me great tasting, healthier food!

grounding after meditation - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

What you don't want to do is hop in your car and drive on the freeway. You're begging for a bad day if you do this. You first need to bring your awareness back into the physical reality. Don't learn this lesson the hard way.

And you don't want to drift off to sleep right after this exercise. This could cause some unnecessary side-effects. Weird dreams and a tough time sleeping. Again, do something which gets you in a grounded state. Then you can "peacefully" go to sleep.

Right after working with the chakras, putting yourself back in the physical reality also trains your mind. It teaches you to shift into a deeper state of awareness, but then shift back to the physical reality when done.

This is important because you don't want to walk around like a space-case all day. Higher levels of spiritual awareness are great. This is where psychic and healing abilities exists. But it's good to come back down when you need to use the physical body.

Also, during the chakra exercises, you may encounter some minor side effects. You may experience a sense of falling or spinning. You might be able to hear your heartbeat. You might hear ringing in your ears. If these things occur, don't worry about them. This is common. Just keep focusing on the exercise.

Nothing you encounter should be worse than what a couple glasses of wine will do to you. I'm just mentioning it so you don't get startled if it does occur. Relax and enjoy the experience. You won't even be hung over the next day!

And Don't Be Intimidated!

Chakras are a natural part of being human. Some people's chakras are more naturally open, while some of us must work a little to make it happen.

There's nothing to be scared about when working with the chakras. But people still get ridiculously nervous about these things. The crazy thing is these same people will jump on the freeway and cruise in their cars at 80 mph. They're in a metal cage flying down the road. This is more of a reason for concern. I guess it all comes down to perspective.

Will chakra exercises turn you into a walking freak-show? No. I personally don't walk around sensing other people's problems or seeing dead people. That's no fun. Living like this isn't practical or healthy. But can I use intuition or other abilities when I need them? Yes.

And when working with the chakras, you can choose what psychic abilities you develop. Many people don't care about telekinesis or astral projection. You don't have to develop what you don't want to experience. I've had students who only develop intuition or the ability to spiritually attract what they want. And this is fine!

I've had hundreds of students over the years. The only "complaints" I really get are how exciting and beneficial their life has become after working with the chakras. You have my full encouragement to dive in!

Identifying And Healing Through Blocks In the Chakras

heart chakra - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

Many meditation systems or New Age gurus will try to connect your issues in life to a specific chakra. Your heart chakra is blocked...Your solar plexus chakra is blocked...

Everybody is an expert of blocked chakras and how to fix it.

For example, if you are having relationship issues, many see this as absolute proof that you have a blocked heart chakra. This can sometimes be the case, but I'd be cautious of this approach.

An issue with romance could be related to another chakra or maybe not to any chakra at all. Many spiritual training approaches will target blocked chakras with a cookie-cutter mindset. Based on my experience, I say this just isn't realistic.

And if you aren't careful, you might be instructed to do something crazy like hug everybody you see or spend hours doing a specific mantra, all because it was assumed you had a block in your heart chakra.

The best way to identify blocks within the chakras is through developing self-awareness. With a little work, you can get to where it's relatively easy to sense what chakra at any given moment needs your attention. You will feel it, you will know it. It will scream at you and beg for help.

And you don't have to take on public speaking to fix your throat chakra or kill a wild animal to fix your root chakra. There are methods, such as working with emotional energy, which can be used to work through blocks within the chakras. And you can perform this work in the comfort of your own home.

Just remember this as you are out searching the net or hanging out at new age bookstores. It's just a matter of time before some "spiritual master" will tell you which chakra is blocked and what generic step you must take to fix it.

Advanced Methods For Opening Chakras

woman happy - How To Open The Chakras – What Really Works

Ready to be happier, smarter, and more spiritually aware?

The methods outlined in this guide will work for you. You may have to practice a bit, but with some effort you will see your abilities and awareness increase.

I don't like making an idiot out of myself by sharing things that don't work. So you can believe me: You will see the benefits in your life - with self-awareness, spirituality, your relationships, and your career.

At the same time, there are advanced methods which will allow you to open your chakras faster and more easily.

If you have good control over your emotions or you are able to focus emotional energy within your body, you can concentrate this energy when performing the chakra exercises. This is an incredible experience that will allow you to achieve rapid results.

When you combine intense emotional energy with holding your attention within a chakra, this can be a mind-blowing experience. Even within the short span of an hour, you permanently walk away as a different person (in a positive way). You really have to experience this first-hand to know how enlightening and powerful this can be.

It's too involved to explain here, but we do cover the step-by-step methods for advanced chakra development in our Life Mastery Program. We also cover detailed methods for identifying imbalances within the chakras and techniques for healing through these issues.

The training will allow you to "upgrade" your life. It's about living happier and smarter. It's about using spiritual abilities to make life easier, and attracting what you want like a "spiritual magnet." It creates an alternative to the suffering, mediocrity, and confusion overpowering so many people's lives these days.

If you are really serious about opening your chakras to gain the benefits, I encourage you to see the details of our life-changing course. You won't regret it.

We have students all over the world who have benefited tremendously from our training. It's the same exact training I went through and it consists of all the methods I personally use everyday.