Get Past Being Stuck In Your Life And Create The Happiness, Romance, Health And Wealth You Deserve

Get Past Being Stuck In Your Life And Create The Happiness, Romance, Health And Wealth You Deserve


Being stuck is not caused by circumstances, it's caused by a state of mind.

Over the years, I've encountered many clients facing issues in their lives. During an Intuitive Coaching session with me, the client was able to get the insight and guidance needed to make powerful changes in their life.

Then, maybe six months or a year later, I hear back from the client. After re-exploring what is occurring in their life, we often both realize they are stuck dealing with the same issue.

Maybe it's a painful romantic relationship, lack of any romance, a health issue or a stagnant career. Maybe there was a dream to start a business and things just never came together.

We've all been there. We had an idea about what we needed to do in order to resolve a challenge, but as we were making progress, the doubt, fear or confusion set in and we just couldn't seem to make it happen.

Let's face it: Being stuck is no fun. It leads to feeling stagnant, hopeless and oppressed. Being stuck in one area of our life will eventually start to affect the other areas of our life. In the long run, it can be a destructive force resulting in major depression. What starts off as being a little stuck turns into a huge case of being severely stifled in life.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to get "unstuck," no matter what issues you are facing. There are habits that successful and healthy people use every day; and you can develop these habits.

Happy and successful people don't normally get the great things in life because they were lucky, because of miracles, or because of inaction. There are "tools" which most successful people use to get results. These same tools are available to you.

What Makes Us Stuck In Life?

This may be surprising: Life circumstances are rarely the actual cause of being stuck. The true cause of being stuck is almost always our lack of emotional, mental and spiritual control. In fact, fear, doubt, lack of confidence, confusion and laziness are usually the true culprits that sabotage our success.

Think about a time you felt really stuck with an issue in your life. Maybe you knew what you needed to do, even if it was a single step to make things better. Ask yourself honestly "what stopped you from taking that next step?" Was it fear, doubt, confusion, anxiety or some other unproductive state of mind?

If you could have replaced your state of mind instantly with something more productive and empowering, do you think it would have been easier to accomplish what you wanted?

Unless you find a way to manage negative thinking and emotions, you will likely keep getting the same results you have been getting up until this point.

Of course, it's easy to think positive and feel good when everything in your life is going well. But the true test of your mental, emotional and spiritual strength is when IT ALL hits the fan. When you experience failure over and over, it becomes more and more difficult to keep moving forward. This is where most people fall short.

This same exact issue is what started my own journey in personal and spiritual growth. Many years ago, I was stuck. I had many severe failures in relationships and business. I had failed so many times that my confidence and my motivation where almost non-existent. At one point, I was actually sleeping in my car, broke, lonely and with no real plan for how I was going to get my life together.

No matter what I did, I couldn't seem to shake my negative thinking and the awful feelings I was experiencing deep down inside.

I finally reached a point when I decided I was not going to suffer any more. I saw it similar to building a house. I knew I had to build a house (my life), but I needed the proper tools to do so.

I needed working methods for retaking control over my own life. I wasn't going to keep trying to build my house without tools, because this insane approach had not worked for me after countless failed attempts.


Improving your life is much like building a house. The right tools (mental, emotional, spiritual) make it possible to achieve results.

I took what little energy I had in me and I started researching. I bought books and enrolled in seminars. I explored some of the big well-known approaches along with some of the less-known methods of personal and spiritual development. I began applying what I had learned into my life. After some time, I did notice improvements within myself. But, I still wasn't satisfied. So I kept moving forward.

I ended up spending thousands of dollars and years of my life looking for solid methods to get better control over myself and my future. I literally read thousands of books and enrolled in numerous training programs. It was a tedious and expensive process of researching, testing, weeding out and compiling various techniques. Most of what I found was ineffective, but I did finally discover some "tools" that gave me radical, lasting and successful results.

We Do Have A Choice When We Are Stuck

The results in my own life were proof that the "tools" I was using were working. I achieved clarity - emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My intuitive abilities started to naturally show up as a side effect. I was able to attract the things I wanted in my life more easily using spiritual attraction.

My business ventures started to explode with success. I was finally able to meet the woman of my dreams and start the family I had longed to have for so many years.

I discovered when I was able to replace doubt, fear and confusion with more positive and productive emotions, my life changed as a result.

Rather than staying stuck, I learned I could actually change the mindset I was in, which then gave me the ability to adapt to whatever I was facing. If you think about it, the opposite of being stuck is simply the ability to adapt.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. - Charles Darwin

I really attribute much of the success to having the right tools to create an "internal shift" in my deepest most inner self. After 25 years, I still use these exact tools in the never-ending process of self improvement. And if they didn't work, I wouldn't still be using them.

After experiencing so many breakthroughs in my own life, I was inspired to help others with issues they were facing. I couldn't just keep everything to myself. This is how I arrived here now, sharing my story with you.

Get The Tools You Need Now To Get Results In Your Life


If you are stuck and at a point where you need to "build" your life to the next level, I encourage you to get the tools you need to accomplish this task.

Instead of trying to continually build something "empty handed," having concrete methods you can use will make the process easier and more successful.

I always say "If what you are doing in life is working for you, great, keep doing it. If it's not working, do something else."

In fact, I've met many successful and exceptional people along my journey in life: Celebrities, CEOs, United Nations leaders, internationally known speakers, relationship experts and others. The one common denominator I've noticed with all these great people is they had some type of formal training. They had training which gave them the mental, emotional and spiritual tools needed to deal with the challenges of being stuck.

Rather than trying to figure out everything on their own, most of the amazing people I've met took it upon themselves to research and find workable tools they could use every day to make things happen.

The same tools used by successful people are available to you. It's just a matter of getting these tools and applying them to your life.

I encourage you to explore our Life Mastery Program. This is a complete training method which will give you the tools to get unstuck in your life. These are the same exact methods I used to create the life I wanted, and that I still use every day in my life now.

In fact, out of everything I have to give, I consider this training program to be the most single valuable thing I have to offer anyone.

Tap Into The Power That Is Waiting For You

According to standard textbook psychology, most people only use about 10% of their intelligence. The Life Mastery Program is about tapping into that other 90% of your mind, and using this power to adapt and start creating the life you desire.

You are powerful. Maybe your power is yet to be accessed by you. But you are powerful. You can use this power to create the results you want in your life.

Whether you seek out these tools elsewhere or with LifeLeap Institute, I encourage you to act now. Take a radical step today to create the happiness, romance, health and wealth you deserve.

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