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    Hi my ex and I were railroaded apart by his ex wife he was not with her for 7 years. I was living with him for 2. He had years of a toxic relationship with her not that he was a good guy. Long story he loves me like no other but is controlled by guilt by his ex. Will he come back. He says he has self loathing of the past and doesn’t feel he deserves a decent woman and to be happy. So now he’s contually paying out his ex thought her security financially was at risk she’s at the house and also has her flat he also pays for no amount of money will rid him of the guilt she continually puts on him. She doesn’t sleep with him just takes his money. We had stayed in touch he said he’s never loved anyone like he does me and what we had was perfect but he has to sort his kids out everything thing is his fault..his kids are late 30s early 40s his ex has let the son back in the house too so they are all there blaming him. He had never in his life been so happy and free to be himself told me all the good and bad about himself we were going to get married his ex wasn’t told about us for two years why because of the house and having to sell it although that was inevitable . I wasn’t bothered about the house it wasn’t mine I would live in a tent with him he knew that. They live separate lives. She also has a flat rented he pays for but she’s not there. He has had nothing but stress since her return but remains.


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    I don’t think this is a inauspicious spread, but there are some points of concern.

    Your past was a beautiful partnership with the two of cups but your future is heartbreak with the three of swords. This may indicate separation and better opportunities for new beginngs. But in your case–I think it is more complicated.

    The obstacle before you is the seven of wands–which seems quite acurate considering your many challenges for this man’s attention between his ex and the kids. Despite the many challengers and uneven terrain–you have to hold your ground with determination and courage!

    There is plenty of opportunity for victory here with strong partnerships, charity and magnanimity.

    You have to follow your intuition and reconcile with your past oppositions. You have to face your pain honestly to overcome it. Like our king of the hill–it will not be easy to maintain your ballance.

    The two of wands here indicates an interesting balance of achievement, anxiety and partnership. He overlooks the depth of the empty ocean, but holds the world in his hands. Because he is balancing the two wands, he reminds us to give and receive with grace. The star also is giving to the ocean and the streams which implies strength and achievement, but also the need for generosity.

    Ultimately, your destiny lies with the six of wands. He is a successful general awarded the laurels of the world, but only because he endured the battle of the five of wands–or in your case the seven.

    He also cautions not to be too smug with your victory, so he reminds us again of this delicate balance that you must find in order to achieve your goals.

    The world is in your subconscious or past foundation. Which again brings to mind the two and six of wands. It indicates not only that you have come from a state of completion, but that like the great ouroboros that you will return to it.

    Remember kids, I am not a professional–please try this at home!

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