Will my Dad come back?

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    So, he isn’t my father, but this man named Dave came into my life four years ago. We hit it off amazingly. Within the year I was seeing him as my father figure, he always cared and showed much concern for me. I was told recently by a friend of his that he considered me his forth child. He had alcohol abuse problems in his past, and he fell off the wagon in 2015. He was sober for a little while in 2016 but went back to drinking heavily with his girlfriend. Just before Xmas they got into a big fight, and Dave ended up having to live with his sister for awhile. On January 14th. He went back to the girlfriend much to everyone’s dismay. And he and I argued for two days. His phone was off because he couldn’t pay for it and our only communication had been through Facebook at that time. On the 16th, he started an argument with me and then blocked me. I am so heartbroken. He and I talked daily for four years and then in one fell swoop he was gone. He was the only one that ever really talked to me and that I ever truly had a connection with and I have spent everyday without him in misery. Will he come back soon and be my Dad again? I was really hoping he would come back before my birthday on March 27th, will that happen? I miss him so much.

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