Will I hear from Paul again and why did he disappear?

Main LifeLeap Café Free Psychic Questions Will I hear from Paul again and why did he disappear?

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    I recently met a Sagittarius guy and we really hit it off. We messaged non-stop for a month before agreeing to meet up. We then went on four lovely dates together over a period of four weeks, and messaged every day in between. We both agreed to take things slowly but it was intense nevertheless as we were always in contact. We even made plans for days/nights out over the next month. However suddenly he has stopped contacting me, and has even blocked my number so I can’t contact him. He has given no explanation, yet the evening before we were getting on just as well as always. But he has effectively blocked me from his life! So I don’t understand what went wrong. I even thought he was falling for me as he seemed so keen and nice and attentive. He is 46 and has been married twice, currently going through his second divorce from which he has three young children. What has happened?

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