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    My exboyfriend who is my daughter’s father and I broke up because he was unfaithful. I kept going back because he kept pulling me back in now we’re officially over but I’m not over him however it seems he’s moved on with the same women who he was unfaithful with. I just want to know if he cares for me at all, if he regrets me leaving and if we’ll ever get back together?

    I must add that one of these women have gone to a spell caster to help break us up and to turn him against me. What is happening now? And truly will be ever be together again? My heart breaks everything I see him because even though he hurt me I want to get past this and for us to be together.


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    You will get back together someday. I’m going to help with that spell. Spells work with energy. Of the person who casts and so forth. There is a way not to let that hinder you because it is basically mind over matter. It’s her willpower against yours. You can’t let that make you back down. Consider a different reality. And I mean REALITY. He’s still there and he cares about you. Don’t forget that. You are in a war and he’s in the middle of it. He was unfaithful and it’s your choice to forgive him. Will he stop being unfaithful? I see that eventually things will settle and you will be together and he will learn to be faithful because of the child involved. There’s a strong connection with you two. Stay strong and discern false from reality.

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