Twin Flames? Or just a relationship to learn from?

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    My name is Destiny… I was on an emotional roller coaster when I met a man named Neil Greene around the end of 2015. I fell for him hard, I have never had this sort of connection with another man in my entire life. The level of comfort I have with him is incredible, and I for the first time ever, I felt like I could totally be myself with a man. Even though I know he card for me deeply…he began pushing me away. Long story short, he was not able to give me the true commitment that I wanted from him.

    We are no longer in each other’s lives… Since we stopped seeing each other in October, he has moved on in a new relationship… He appears to be happy, and today I found out they could be moving in together. A little shocking he would take this step with her after only 4-5 months of seeing each other…especially when he was not sure he wanted a relationship with me anymore… I have not spoken to Neil for quite some time. Since our falling out, he has not even admitted to being with another woman now. But we run into each other every now and then since we have mutual friends… I have been dating other men, but ultimately no significant relationship changes have happened for me yet.

    I am focusing on myself overall, and have accepted that he is with someone else. I haven’t tried to contact him, although I do miss him and think of him often. Something in my heart is telling me that this is not the end for us. Something in my soul is telling me that this separation is temporary, and that no matter how estranged things are between us now, that Neil will come around. I’m not sure if this is just wishful thinking or intuition… But I believe in my heart that he is the one… I believe that he came across something so real with me that he is now running from it… I believe that he was afraid of the emotional intensity that the two of us had, but that he also fears being alone. So part of him running away is filling that void with someone else… That’s what I believe, but I don’t know if it’s true… I don’t know how he feels anymore, or if I was the only one who really felt love…


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    I can somewhat relate to this… They say what’s for us is for us.. You just may be the “one” for him and the timing was just wrong.. And hopefully he’ll get it together and come back around ❤️


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    My physic sense is that he did care about you, but there was too much intensity for him. There was an awkwardness he felt, as if the relationship was too revealing to him. I also see something about police work or martial arts, so there is this tough guy thing happening. The connection was there, but not enough common values and interest. Maybe a 20 percent chance he”ll come back, but you might want to ask yourself what will be different this next time around, as I don’t see his as one to take responsibility for himself as much as he needs to. Not a bad person, but there are some major issues there with relationships.

    Be careful about the twin flame ideology. I personally think this is a bunch of new age crap that leads people to suicide and depression, unnecessarily. There are many people out there you can connect with, it’s just a matter of giving yourself the time to heal and running into the right person. You can speed up the process if you want, like with the training offered on this site, or you can just wait it out.

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