Stay or go?

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    Hi! I’m hoping that I could get not only maybe some true psychic insight to this but also so helpful advice on dealing with everything. I met this great guy about 2.5 years ago after both him and I had gotten out of very long relationships. Everything was great for a while, we seen each other as often as possible (crazy work schedules), I met his family and even got to be around his little girl a few times, and he was ok with taking things slow. We talked about everything. About a year after meeting we both finally admitted that we loved each other and even made comments about marriage eventually and other things. I was so happy because he was everything I was looking for. But after last summer (2017) things seemed to change. He would go quiet on me and it was hard for me to get him to communicate for a few weeks and then he would bounce back. I know he deals with depression issues so I figured it was him taking time to get back up, but then I found out about other girls in his life. I believe he means what he says about how he feels and I know what my heart tells me when we are together. It seems to just fit, it doesn’t have to be forced, but then he gets distant. I’m not 100% sure where to go from here because I went and visited him 3 weeks ago and we had the best time but I’ve barely heard from him since. I do keep in mind that he is dealing with some very sensitive issues at the moment (some i believe he is trying to protect me from) and know he needs to focus on that right now, so I’m not pushing him but I’m still very confused. I feel as if he is the man I was meant for and the first time I seen him I felt like I had known him my whole life. Can anyone please help me decipher him and us? If we are meant to be, what can I do to help things along? But if we’re not, how can I move past him when it will break every part of me? Thank you all!

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