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    When will I find my soulmate? Is he already in my life?
    I have been used and abused by many men in my past who never committed to me – is the person I was attracted to last right for me, or also going to abuse and use me just for some fun?


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    Hi there,
    I know it hurts, having someone you really like hurt you. Trust me I just recently felt the hard sting of heartbreak myself. But don’t let your previous relationships stop you from making new ones. I know its hard like I said, but those guys were lessons in your life. Lessons on what you don’t want in a partner and lessons on how you can better yourself. Through that pain it makes you so much stronger and better than the you of yesterday. So like I said don’t be afraid of new relationships, embrace the lesson if there is one to be learned, and become a you so strong that anyone would be crazy not to fall in love with. Best of luck honey!

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