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    First I’d like to apologize for the length of this text …
    4 months ago I met a guy. I am waitress in a cafe in Melbourne. He saw me once outside and felt an energy between us. He came back in the following days to see if I was working there but I was off. He cale va k until hébreu met me. We felt an instant connection. I felt it. He came back until we shared words for the first time. Things I never done before I gave him my number telling him to call me if he’s like to. He did. We starting dating very slowly. It took us some dates to finally kiss. It didn’t matter as spending time with was enough and I know he felt the same. We were real together. The problem is: he broke up wirh his ex girlfriend a few months before that. He was honest. Honestly is something we share since the first moment.
    Anyway. 2 months after we met he decided to stop as he felt already like he wanted to be in a relationship wirh me but felt like he needed some time for himself. He would never be able to see me as some « fun ». I respected it. And went away. The problem is we never really forgot each other and even though it took some time we finally met again.
    Si ce 3 weeks we started dating again. But this time the intensity is real. The connection is there. We feel each other and we are ourself. We feel like we found each other.
    The story is : Australian and German, singer. He is leaving back to Europe in 3 months to start a tour with his brother and has no return date to Australia. Our story will end in May and so it is.
    Im writing this text stupidly because deep inside I feel like I found the right one. I’m not crying. I’m not sad to see him leave. Like I knew it was only the beginning.
    I love him. I love what he is.
    We are real but it is not the right time.
    Many funny sign appears through talking. He is born one week after my first love and I’m born the same day as his ex. We are both same starsign as our respective ex partners. I’m having the same tattoos on fingers and arm as his ex. Same place. Exact same.
    He is a musician like my ex. Other things.
    To end it. When we are together we are just ourself and this isn’t given to anyone.
    Im list and don’t jnow if I should keep believing in us. It’s like this little thing inside that tells me «  keep believing on what is right to you » and he is.

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