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    my ex-husband had changed his phone number in September. I was writing him letters and I would run into him few times asking him to give me his number. he said no. the only reason he said no was because his girlfriend doesn’t want me having his number. I used to have it before this past September. I plan on going to visit him tomorrow. what do you think would happen if I went there tomorrow. his roommate doesn’t want me over there.


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    I’m not getting a psychic sense ex is playing around. He is vindictive and capable of doing something harsh, if you put yourself in harms way. I keep seeing a possible restraining order, against you. He’s very selfish and see’s you as an inconvenience right now. Might put up with you some, but I’d be careful about expecting a lot. His mentality is “what can I get from you” and if nothing, then get away from me. With him I get this blue collar lazy mentality, along with some substance use. This could change down the road, but this is what I get from him now. Not hopeless, but not great for a while. I get that you care, but a good question might be why you are putting so much energy into someone who isn’t meeting you in the middle right now. Is this a competition thing? What about shifting your energy to other people who appreciate you and respect you more? I see a little of you wearing the “victim” role right now. Are you sick, do you stay in bed a lot? Find another way of doing things or this could haunt you, and hold you back in life. What about forcing yourself to be around some more positive people, maybe a spiritual church, maybe around some people that challenge you to be a better person? You might not want to, but now is the time to stop making excuses and push yourself.

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