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    I am so confused. I practically don’t know where I stand. I need your help please! Recently I got separated from my ex-husband and I would like to know if getting back together with him is the best choice I can make. Will our marriage be successful this time arround?


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    Take this time of your separation to focus on what you’ve experienced in the past in your relationship with each other.
    Does he provide you with what you want&need in your relationship together? If not, what needs to change to have a successful, fulfilled relationship together? Are you both willing to do that to proceed? If only one of you are working towards the success of the relationship, then is it ever going to be the happy,successful relationship that you desire?
    After you focus&decide exactly what you want,if he isn’t willing to do the work towards it,then it’s probably not going to be a happy,satisfying,successful relationship.

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