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    My boyfriend (Thomas 3/9/1980) and I (Jazmine 6/15/87) recently broke up. It’s been extremely tough. For some reason, I just can’t let him go, I don’t know if it’s whether or not I feel he’s coming back or if I feel like I didn’t put up a strong enough fight. Either way, something just won’t let me, let this go. Please help, and thank you in advance for any insight.


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    You have good insight into this situation. You didn’t put up a fight because you didn’t want to hold him against his will. You also didn’t want to appear to be needy. There is about a 60% chance that he will try to reconcile, but it might be several months from now. It is difficult, but in time you will be able to put this behind you. You might have to make a choice if he should want to resume the relationship. It seems that you will meet someone in the not too distant future who you will be very happy with.

    When relationships are rekindled, often problems that were there initally can resurface. People really don’t change all that much. You should not allow him to waltz in and out of your life. You will be prepared to be more objective if he thinks he can go back to where things were before he decided to break it off. You should not have to fight to keep a relationship going. A successful relationship depends on the efforts of both people.

    Best wishes!

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