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    Hello: I have studied non-duality or Advaita for many years and am wondering if that concept or philosophy can apply to psychics as well as un-gifted folks such as me. I am not psychic but my late wife was. Now that she is in the afterlife, she comes to be with me quite a lot and I am wondering how all of this fits into non-dual concepts where there is “supposedly” just one Self or one Being, etc. Perhaps I am reading too much into non-duality as I cannot dismiss the very real presence and continuing existence of my late, crossed over wife.
    Is it possible that both my wife and I are simply projections of the Source so that is why she is still a person over in another realm or dimension? I do believe the Source can do or be just about anything it (me) wants to – including my wife over there and me over here! I hope this does not sound INSANE to anyone. Thanks in advance for anyone’s feedback.

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